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10 Tasty Ideas for National Nutrition Month

Sun, Mar 03, 2019 at 4:30PM

10 Tasty Ideas for National Nutrition Month

In honor of National Nutrition Month, we’re celebrating foods that are as nutritious as they are delicious—as well as the thrill of enjoying them with the people we love!

Wondering how to incorporate nutritious picks into your everyday routine—without ever foregoing flavor? Just take a look below as we share our top ten tips!

Choose color

A colorful plate doesn’t just look good—it’s pretty nutritious, too, since some of the most vivid foods are the most packed with nutrients (think tomatoes, leafy greens, fresh fruits and more). At Peach Valley, our Superfood Breakfast and Summer Salad are great examples of colorful, nutritious picks.

A good rule of thumb is to cover at least half of your plate with fresh produce—and that’s easier than you might think! At home, a colorful plate can be achieved with simple additions. Add a serving of carrots, some arugula or a side of fruit to your go-to meal to enjoy a nutritious and delicious touch.

Enjoy family meals

Eating together as a family is a great activity for countless reasons, but here’s just one! By coming together at mealtime, your family can help each other make nutritious choices—which can be a lot easier than going solo. Plus, family meals give everyone a way to get involved in the makings of a healthy, delicious meal—at home, for example, kids can help toss a colorful salad, while parents can portion outsmart servings of each ingredient. The result? Quality time and a meal you can feel especially good about!

Make simple swaps

Eating more nutritiously doesn’t always mean making big changes—in fact, simple swaps are worth celebrating because you’re more likely to stick to a routine that you actually enjoy and can follow every day! For example, try swapping in whole-wheat toast or a light wrap for white bread in your lunchtime sandwich (our Peach Valley wraps are a great option here!). It’s a small change with a nutritious impact you can feel.

Experience your food

To make more nutritious choices, turn food into an experience! By picking fresh fruit yourself, growing veggies or shopping for produce at the farmer’s market, you may find that you’re more likely to stick to those wholesome choices throughout the week.

Try meal prepping

Meal prepping is a great way to save time—since you’re preparing a large batch of meals on one day, instead of whipping something up every time you’re ready to eat. But it can also be a nutritious choice, too, since it lets you pre-portion out your ingredients so you know exactly what you’re eating, when.

Snack smart

In addition to prepping meals, you might also find it helpful to plan out your snacks, too. Prepare several bags of a nutritious fruit-nut trail mix, for example, so that you have a dependable option to keep you satisfied between meals, without ever needing to visit the vending machine.

Pair nutrition with an active lifestyle

Nothing goes with nutritious meals quite like an active lifestyle! Fuel up on lots of delicious, protein-packed options to keep you moving through neighborhood jogs, fun at the park, sports with friends and any other activity you might discover along the way.

Split or save your meal

Dining out and not sure if you can finish a whole meal? Split it with a friend or take it to go—it will serve as a sweet treat later, or can work as part of an impromptu afternoon picnic!

Try a new recipe

A huge part of any nutritious lifestyle is trying new things and discovering what works for you! Once a week or so, get the family together to try out a new recipe—delicious oatmeal cookies, a zesty salad or perhaps your own custom-marinade chicken. When you try new things, the nutritious journey will feel fun, exciting and fresh, prompting you to keep on going and savoring every step along the way.

Start your day off right

You might sometimes link “nutrition” with “eating less,” but that’s simply not the case. Eating plenty of nutritious, satisfying ingredients is key to fueling you throughout your day, and it starts at breakfast! Opt for dishes that are packed with protein and slow-burning carbs that help you feel fuller, longer, while still delivering the nutrients you need. These might include Peach Valley picks such as our Protein Packed Avocado Toast, Housemade Granola, or a Greek Omelet with wheat toast, to name just a few tasty options!

We hope that these tips help you enjoy delicious, nutritious picks all year long! With a menu chock-full of fresh produce and other nutritious bites, Peach Valley is the perfect place to start.

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