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11 Peach Valley-Inspired Costumes for Festive Foodies

Fri, Oct 18, 2019 at 10:06AM

11 Peach Valley-Inspired Costumes for Festive Foodies

Halloween is right around the corner—and for serious foodies, we’ve got the recipe for the perfect Peach Valley-inspired looks! Read on for 11 fun costume ideas that truly redefine the phrase, “you are what you eat.”

Julius Caesar Salad

Our Caesar Salad pairs perfectly with just about everything on the menu—and, as it turns out, it can also serve as inspiration for a fun Halloween costume! Throw on a toga to get the imperial look down, and then assemble a wreath of romaine lettuce and croutons instead of Caesar’s traditional laurel. You can even carry around a large prop fork to further the joke. Just don’t snack on your wreath before the night is over!

Valley Fiesta Foodie

Can’t get enough of our Valley Fiesta? This flavorful medley of Chorizo sausage, pico de gallo and avocado, topped with a sunny side up egg and drizzled with our signature Peach Valley Onion and Peach Pepper Sauce, is sure to please as both a breakfast entrée and a Halloween costume. Affix cut-out eggs, sausage, and avocado to your shirt, and add a pair of maracas to put the “fiesta” in Valley Fiesta.

Old-Western Omelet

Put a new spin on our Western Omelet with this fun costume idea. Slip into a yellow shirt and affix photos of your favorite mix-ins, like red & green peppers and mushrooms, before finishing the look with a cowboy hat and sheriff’s badge.

English Muffin

Take English Muffin to a new, literal level this Halloween! Start by sporting a large cut-out poster board muffin over a Union Jack t-shirt, and then add touches like a classic English bowler hat or fascinator to complete the costume. Optional: Talking all night in your best attempt at an English accent.

French Toast

Another literal reimagining of a favorite brunch dish, French Toast is another delicious option! Throw on a black-and-white Breton-striped shirt, red scarf and beret, and then affix toast (real or cut-out) to your top for a fun, flavorful look.

Grillin’ Asparagus

If you’re a fan of Grilled Asparagus with your meal, the Grillin’ Asparagus costume might be your new go-to! Dress in all green, and fashion asparagus stalks (long, slender with a pointy top) out of pool noodles or wrapping paper tubes. Then, throw on a barbecue apron and walk around with a spatula and barbecue tool belt, and you’ll look like the best asparagus BBQ’er on the block.  

Bubbly Best Friends

For a fun, festive friends or couples costume, head out as your favorite brunch beverage! One of you can sport all orange and affix oranges to your outfit, or carry them around in a basket, while the other can attach small, see-through balloons all over to represent the bubbly side of a delicious Mimosa. Cheers!

Fritter Fanatic

Our love for Orchard Fresh Apple Fritters knows no bounds—and if you feel the same, go as a Fritter Fanatic this Halloween! Wear a red top with a green leaf hat, and add a poster board cut-out apple to wear over your clothes. Carry around a plastic prop frying pan, and perhaps a bag of our Fritters, just in case you get hungry throughout the night!

Night Out at Club Croissant

If your go-to Peach Valley dish is a Club Croissant, pick it as your perfect Halloween costume! This is an easy one. Don your favorite “going-out” outfit, and affix a bunch of croissants to your clothes (real or cut-out—we won’t judge if you have to pull one off for a snack!).

Chip on Your Shoulder

Love pairing Peach Valley sandwiches with a side of chips? Us too! When you need a last-minute costume—we’re talking last, last minute—simply tape a chip on your shoulder for a literal representation of the classic phrase.

Peachy Keen

From our Peach Pepper Sauce, to our Housemade Peach Cobbler, there’s no shortage of ways to indulge your love of peaches here at Peach Valley Café. Throw on a peach-colored top and green leaf hat, then carry around a basket of the fuzzy fruit for a fun, simple look. 

We hope that these costume ideas help you sport your favorite flavors this Halloween. Be sure to share your best Peach Valley-inspired looks with us—we can’t wait to see what you put together!

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