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4 Great Ways to Make Rising Early More Fun

Tue, Aug 17, 2021 at 3:18PM

4 Great Ways to Make Rising Early More Fun

Not exactly an up-at-the-break-of-dawn type of person? If you’re not already wired towards waking up early, thinking about becoming an early riser can just be plain unfun. However, there are plenty of benefits that come along with getting out of bed earlier – like more energy and an improved mood. So, how can you make your morning routine a little more appealing? Read on for four ideas you might want to try to make your mornings something to always look forward to.

Listen Up

Here's one trick that might help you feel a little more awake mentally: listen to something while you’re getting ready in the morning! Now might be the perfect time to plan out a morning routine playlist. This might mean picking out some favorite upbeat songs, perfect to get you up and moving. Or, it can be a relaxing mix, perfect for listening while enjoying that morning cup of coffee. Alternatively, you might time a playlist or certain amount of songs to match the amount of time you’d like to spend on your routine – like allotting a certain number of songs for a morning shower. If morning music isn’t your speed, try a podcast or listen to an audiobook instead to engage your brain right away.

Walk It Out

Another helpful tip? Get moving! Waking up in the morning can be helped along with a little exercise – and even if a full workout doesn’t sound like your thing, going on a morning walk can be a simple and effective way to make exercise seem a little fun. In a beautiful place like Florida, milder morning temperatures can make for perfect walking weather around local paths and nature – and, if you live near close coastal access, a walk along the beach with the sunrise can be a breathtaking experience. To multitask, you might even take the opportunity to walk a pet – another great motivation to get some morning fresh air.

Use Your Words

Have you ever tried journaling? To get into the habit, don’t think you need to have any grand ideas or anything amazing to say. You don’t even have to keep lengthy day-to-day records or record your life in great detail. Instead, start small. Perhaps you can take a few moments each morning to write down your first thoughts of the day. Or, you might be interested in recording any notes of interesting dreams you had the previous night. Either way, these entries can be fun to read through in the future! If writing isn’t your style, try reading. The morning can be a perfect time to pick up that book you’d been meaning to read – but could never find the energy or time to tackle after work.

Think Peachy

One of the best parts of getting up early is never having to miss out on opportunities for a delicious breakfast in Port Orange or near any of our seven locations. If you’re not in the mood to cook for yourself, Peach Valley Café has you covered, bright and early! Stop by your favorite breakfast restaurant to dig into delicious Buttermilk Pancakes, any style of eggs you please, hot coffee, crispy bacon, and so much more. Explore your nearest Peach Valley Café breakfast diner locations today for hours and offerings!

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