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5 Essential Ingredients for a Flavorful Fall

Fri, Oct 30, 2020 at 2:57PM

5 Essential Ingredients for a Flavorful Fall

As a flavorful fall soon turns into a festive winter, one constant remains the same - the need for delicious, feel-good food to mark the special moments and just-because fun! Here are a few ingredients we can never get enough of at this time of year.

Pure pumpkin

In our book, you can never have enough pumpkin in your pantry! Pure pumpkin can be used to add an autumnal touch in unexpected places (think a harvest smoothie, cookies or breakfast bars) as well as, of course, classic pumpkin pie. To be able to fully control your recipe's sweetness and spice, be sure to pick up pure pumpkin cans in lieu of canned pumpkin pie mix at the grocery store. 


There's a reason heaping bushels and cornucopias of apples are such a familiar symbol of the season! While apples are easy to enjoy all year long (especially here at Peach Valley, where the sweet, familiar fruit stars in our Orchard Fresh Apple Fritters), they go especially well with many of our favorite fall recipes. Share caramel apples with the family for a sweet treat, or dish up baked apples for an effortless weeknight dinner. 

One thing we love about apples is their versatility - even past the point of crispy perfection, they work deliciously as an aromatic addition to your fall simmer pot (simply combine water, apple cores, orange rinds, cinnamon and other fall spices and cook on low for a dreamy, natural fragrance).

Brown sugar

If you find yourself reaching for brown sugar more at this time of year, you're not alone! The rich, molasses-based ingredient warms up baked goods like crumb cakes, gingerbread men and so much more. 


Sprinkle some atop your morning coffee or a hot bowl of oatmeal, or enjoy swirls of it in a breakfast roll or snickerdoodle! Any way you spice it, cinnamon is one ingredient we can never get enough of at this time of year. 


While cinnamon is an effortless go-to, we must also show some love to allspice! The three-in-one wonder spice (blending the best of cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg) works well in rich, earthy desserts as well as savory applications, too, making it a versatile addition to your pantry this season and all year long.

Bonus: Peach Valley gift card

Though not an ingredient, per se, a Peach Valley gift card or two might just be the perfect addition to your fall food lineup. It works as a great gift for friends, family and anyone else you want to show some unexpected love to - yourself included! 

What are your must-have ingredients at this time of year? In between baking fun, be sure to stop at Peach Valley for flavor that fuels whatever the season may bring!

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