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5 Fresh Takes on Thanksgiving Leftovers

Wed, Nov 20, 2019 at 6:08PM

5 Fresh Takes on Thanksgiving Leftovers

Thanksgiving dinner is delicious—but if you’re like 80 percent of Americans, you know that leftovers are actually the best part of the holiday! It’s clear that this second meal is far from second best, so why don’t we put some more thought into how we enjoy our leftovers?

Just read on to see five fun, fresh ways to enjoy your Thanksgiving leftovers—which, according to a 2015 Harris Poll report, are even better than the main event. Take a look.

Pumpkin pie parfait

Thanksgiving wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without a delicious pumpkin pie—or two, or three, or four. Once you’ve had your fill of sweet slices covered in whipped cream, you can mix things up and turn your leftover pumpkin pie into a whimsical parfait! Simply layer scoops of pumpkin pie into a glass between layers of whipped cream, plus crumbled crust for a tasty garnish on top. The result? Your favorite pumpkin pie flavor in a fresh new, photo-worthy setting.

Mashed potatoes bar

How do you prefer your mashed potatoes: lumpy or smooth, red or Russet? In our book, there’s only one right way to make them—and that is, by the bucketful.

We can’t get enough of these creamy whipped spuds, but what do you do when you have lots leftover? One great option is to make a mashed potatoes bar. It adds an element of novelty to the leftovers experience—and if you have enough, you can even invite friends over for a delicious Black Friday fuel-up in the form of ample mashed potatoes and mix-ins like bacon, cheese and, of course, gravy.

Stuffed turkey sandwich

The classic Thanksgiving leftover might just be a turkey sandwich, so we’re not messing with perfection! We simply recommend taking it to another level. Instead of opting for traditional sandwich trimmings like lettuce, cheese or a strip of bacon, load up on leftovers you wouldn’t have lying around at other times of the year, like mashed potatoes or a dollop of cranberry sauce for unexpected sweetness. You can even take a page out of Ross Geller’s book from the hit sitcom “Friends.” He famously enjoyed his leftovers sandwich with an extra slice of gravy-soaked bread in the middle, aptly nicknamed the “moist maker.” Whatever you do, be sure to sandwich it all between sturdy bread that’s thick, griddled and up to the challenge of supporting all those savory ingredients.

Turkey salad sandwich

Another great, go-to sandwich option is turkey salad. Just like traditional chicken salad, you can blend leftover turkey with mayo, celery and other mix-ins, while keeping things fresh and fun with seasonal ingredients such as cranberries and pecans for the ultimate flavor experience. Whip up a batch that you can easily serve up on toast for the weekend (or week) following Thanksgiving!

Turkey tetrazzini

There’s something almost turkey and noodles that makes for the ultimate comfort food combination. But if you’re searching for something a little more sophisticated than turkey noodle soup—a true crowd-pleaser in its own right—why not try a baked pasta dish like turkey tetrazzini? This dish combines turkey, gooey cheese, pasta and other mix-ins for a deliciously homey dish that would work great as a weekend lunch, or even a dinner party entrée.

Bonus: Black Friday at Peach Valley

What do you do if you’ve run out of leftovers but still crave no-fuss seasonal flavors? Peach Valley has you covered! Swing by on Black Friday and beyond to continue the comfort food trend with gooey, cheesy Omelets, Pancakes and your favorite Sandwiches. Valley favorites, like our Orchard Fresh Apple Fritters, can even be repurposed into sweet leftover concoctions back at home—that is, if you have any left after your meal!

We hope that these ideas help you enjoy your Thanksgiving leftovers to the fullest! Of course, when they run out, don’t despair—swing by your local Peach Valley Café to discover even more seasonal flavors worth savoring. We’ve got you covered.  

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