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5 Fresh Tips for Your Orlando Staycation

Tue, Jun 05, 2018 at 12:00PM

5 Fresh Tips for Your Orlando Staycation

Planning a getaway to Orlando this summer? If so, you’re in good company!

The “Vacation Capital of the World” is a beloved spot for locals and visitors alike to explore when school’s out and you’re craving some downtime. It’s a place that effortlessly blends characters come-to-life with an abundance of thrills, gorgeous vistas and, yes, even fun for the grown-ups. Don’t believe it? Read on as we share a few of our top area must-dos, as well as tips for enjoying your Orlando vacation with ease!

See the other side of Orlando

Perhaps the biggest draw for Orlando travelers is the theme parks—whether you opt for Universal, Disney or SeaWorld, these parks are beloved for their ability to immerse guests in a new sort of reality, thanks to exciting attractions and characters throughout. But there’s another side to Orlando worth exploring! The city is home to a thriving downtown scene, too. You can stroll through the city and pop into various art galleries and installations or simply admire the cityscape. A leisurely afternoon can be spent paddling around Lake Eola on swan-shaped boats, while you cap off your adventure with a show at the Dr. Phillips Center, a must-do attraction for the performing arts.

Fuel up

No matter what your Orlando adventure brings, you’ll want to be properly fueled up for the day. That naturally starts with a good breakfast—and we can help with that!  Two great Orlando locations make it easy for you to enjoy Peach Valley on your trip: If you’re staying downtown, the South Downtown spot is perfect for you, while our Dr. Phillips location is ideal for visitors staying closer to the parks. Wherever you go, opt for dishes with lots of protein (like our Protein-Packed Avocado Toast, or a classic Steak & Eggs) to power you through the fun day ahead. A sit-down breakfast is helpful since it lets you plan your day in a comfortable, no-stress setting—look over park maps, pick out must-do attractions and get everyone on the same page before heading out!

You can also fuel up with wholesome snacks throughout the day. You’ll want to save some room, of course, for theme park favorites like churros and turkey legs—but it’s helpful to stick some granola bars, trail mix or fruit in your bag for those times you want a quick boost in between.

Get an early start

Getting an early start on your day can make all the difference! Staying at an on-site resort or having a specific type of pass often lets you get in your preferred park early, so check out those details before you go.

If you do get in just around opening time, you might find it helpful to backtrack your way through the park. Start at the “end” and work your way back toward the opening gates, since you may find some luck with shorter wait times while everyone else tackles the first rides they come across.

Embrace the rain

Rain is, often, a reality of Florida summers—but it doesn’t have to put a damper on your day! In addition to packing some basic rain gear for your trip (think lightweight jackets or ponchos as well as some sturdy, no-slip sneakers), you can plan your most outdoor-centric activities for the earlier parts of the day. If you’re pairing a parks vacation with a trip to the museum or some local shopping, it can be helpful to get your “al fresco” thrills in first, and saving your indoor fun for later in the event that it does rain.

Stay hydrated

Above all, be sure to stay hydrated! Not only is drinking plenty of water an essential for safe travel, but it can help to ward off a potential midday slump or crankiness, too, helping everyone enjoy their vacation to the fullest. Don’t just wait until your thirsty—start out by drinking lots of water before and during your Orlando adventure, and even munch on water-packed snacks such as cucumbers or watermelon to help you feel cool and refreshed.

We hope that today’s tips help you enjoy your Orlando vacation to the fullest!

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