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5 More Ideas for Thanksgiving Leftovers

Wed, Nov 25, 2020 at 10:38AM

5 More Ideas for Thanksgiving Leftovers

Here at Peach Valley, we love sharing our fresh, flavorful ideas for leftover magic after your Thanksgiving feast! Here are some recent creations you might like to try at home.

Turkey tacos

From hearty sandwiches to warm, comforting soups, there are endless ways to use leftover Thanksgiving turkey - including tacos! You can use turkey in the same way that you would use its poultry counterpart, chicken, in your favorite taco recipe - or modify it for a fun, harvest touch, by serving turkey alongside cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and stuffing served up in taco form. (Because, doesn't everything taste better in a taco or tortilla?)

Pumpkin pie brûlée

Just like the velvety foundation of a creme brûlée, pumpkin pie is a custard dessert - so why not give your leftover pie the mini torch treatment (or pop it under a broiler) and create pumpkin pie brûlée to breathe new life into your Thanksgiving dessert? Michael Chiarello from Food Network recommends scooping your pumpkin pie filling into small ramekins, adding sugar to the surface and caramelizing the crust for a sweet, textured finish. 

Fried mashed potatoes

You can never have too much mashed potatoes! But if you miraculously find yourself with some extra taters, put them in your fridge and let them cool before combining with egg, flour and your seasonings of choice. Fry your mixture in a small amount of vegetable oil on your stove, and voila! A creamy interior, crisp crust and delicious new spin on last night's mashed potatoes.

Cranberry brie bites

If you have some leftover cranberry sauce on hand, pair it with brie and pastry dough for a delicious sweet treat.

Apple pie cinnamon rolls

Leftover filling for your apple pie can be turned into a delectable dessert or sweet breakfast treat on Black Friday and beyond! Simply mix the prepared apples into your go-to cinnamon roll recipe or your favorite canned rolls, and watch (and smell) as your home is transformed by the sweet, welcoming aroma of apple-y cinnamon goodness.

Bonus: Black Friday with Peach Valley

Keep the Thanksgiving fun going! You don't need to jump out of bed before the sun for a Black Friday you're sure to love - simply swing by your local Peach Valley for a delicious brunch in a warm, friendly holiday environment. The leftovers will still be there when you get home!

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