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5 Reasons to Get on Your Feet This Fall

Tue, Aug 01, 2017 at 5:10PM

5 Reasons to Get on Your Feet This Fall

Looking for inspiration? Exercise? A change of scenery? Look no further than your own two feet!

Walking around or simply standing in lieu of sitting can help deliver the natural boost you need for long days at work or school… and that’s just where the benefits begin. Take a look below to see our top five reasons for getting on your feet this fall!

You can recharge

By the time two-o-clock rolls around, you might find yourself reaching for that second (or third) cup of coffee in hopes of recharging your energy. You might find, however, that all you need is a quick leg stretch or walk around the block! You can work standing up (thanks to the popularity of standing desks) or simply head outside for a brisk walk that’s sure to wake you up. After all, it’s hard to sink into an afternoon lull when there’s no chair to sink into!

It’s an easy form of exercise

Work and other commitments can keep many of us from hitting the gym as often as we’d like. Walking offers a big benefit in that area—it’s a free, effortlessly easy form of exercise that you can fit into even the busiest of schedules.

One walk always leads to more

We all know how impossible it is to reach for “just one” chip from the bowl, or just one handful of popcorn. It’s just human nature to go for more! Fortunately, the same holds true for the healthy activity of walking. Once you get started, it’s hard not to want to keep on going to explore your surroundings—and after you’ve established a routine, you’ll find yourself craving those walks at key parts of your day. It’s one habit you won’t mind falling into!

Walking promotes joint health…

If you have stiff joints, walking around or simply standing up at your desk can help you loosen up and avoid any aches and pains that come with a long day the desk. Kids go to recess—why shouldn’t you enjoy a midday break as well?

… and digestion, too

If you’ve just enjoyed a hearty meal at your desk (or even here at Peach Valley Café!), a quick walk around the block or up and down your hallway can help improve digestion thanks to the movement of your midsection muscles.

Should you ever find yourself feeling stumped, stand up and stretch your legs—you never quite know where they will take you!

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