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5 Sweet Ways To Spend National Hot Chocolate Day

Mon, Jan 10, 2022 at 5:10PM

5 Sweet Ways To Spend National Hot Chocolate Day

The holidays may be over, but one of the season’s merriest traditions can continue well into 2022. We’re talking, of course, about hot chocolate. As the sweet flavor delights your taste buds, the irresistible warmth soothes your soul — so is it really any wonder that there’s an entire day dedicated to celebrating this winter favorite? In honor of National Hot Chocolate Day on Jan. 31, here are a few fun ways to mark the occasion!

Enjoy A Mug At Peach Valley Café...

The easiest way to celebrate National Hot Chocolate Day is, of course, ordering a mug here at Peach Valley Café! The warm, creamy treat pairs especially well with Chocolate Chip Pancakes, if you’re craving a double serving of sweetness. Fresh fruits like strawberries also make a natural match!

... Or Take It To Go

Maybe your hot cocoa cravings are taking you elsewhere — perhaps, the great outdoors! Swing by your nearest Peach Valley Café and take out a hearty meal and cup of cocoa. Whether you explore Central Florida’s forests, or Volusia County’s stunning coastline, you can’t go wrong pairing the Sunshine State’s winter weather with a warm, creamy companion.

Perfect A Creamy Cocoa Recipe

Sometimes, there’s simply nothing better than a cozy day indoors! Sure, Florida might not get your typical “snow day,” but you and your family can still have fun enjoying winter trappings like creamy hot cocoa at home. Spend some time perfecting your favorite recipe — we’ve seen slow cooker variations that can serve the whole house warm, cozy, cocoa goodness with ease, for example. Or, you can experiment with white chocolate and red food coloring to create a pink, frothy drink that pairs perfectly with Valentine’s Day décor!

Get Crafty

If yours is a crafty bunch, why not try a DIY hot cocoa ball? This photo-worthy activity simply involves making a chocolate (and often candy-coated) shell with a silicone mold, before dropping it into a warm mug of milk. It’s fun to make, fun to watch, and fun to enjoy — three layers of crafty cocoa deliciousness.

Set Up A Hot Cocoa Bar

Kids and kids-at-heart alike love putting their own personal spin on just about everything — pizza, pancakes, you name it. Hot cocoa is no different! Set up a bar on the kitchen counter with everything your family needs to create their own unique cocoa combinations. You can add mix-in like minty candy, marshmallows, and even cookies designed to hang off the edge of your mug!

We hope that these ideas help you satisfy your sweet tooth on National Hot Chocolate Day — and, really, any time you need a cozy dose of comfort.

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