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5 Valley-Inspired Breakfast Hacks

Fri, Jan 24, 2020 at 2:09PM

5 Valley-Inspired Breakfast Hacks

You know that Peach Valley is the go-to destination for all things breakfast—but what about when breakfast cravings kick in at dinner? Or you simply want to try your hand at a new breakfast dish at home?

Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with five Valley-inspired kitchen hacks that are sure to make your next breakfast (or breakfast for dinner) truly delicious. Just read on and dig in.

Parboil potatoes for creamy, crispy home fries

One of our favorite sides here at Peach Valley is our Breakfast Potatoes—which, contrary to their name, work just as well at lunch or as late afternoon leftovers! If you have a hankering for this soothing side (a.k.a. home fries) at home, there is a simple trick to ensure that they come out perfectly moist and creamy inside, while still retaining flavor and a gentle crispness outside. It’s all in the parboiling!

If you’ve ever tried making home fries, only for them to turn out burnt yet somehow simultaneously undercooked, you know the common problem that parboiling can solve. Simply boil your potatoes for about five minutes, then cool and cube them before frying. This will begin the cooking process so your potatoes are softened up, able to build up a delicious color and crunch without being overdone.

For moist scrambled eggs, take it low and slow

Everyone has a secret to scrambled eggs, and you should feel completely free to add whatever mix-ins you’d like—from butter to cream to good-old-fashioned milk, not to mention cheese, bacon and other goodies. However, when it comes to the physical cooking process, a slow approach with low heat is your secret to scrambled eggs that are as moist and creamy as possible.

(Of course, sometimes you might not have time to slow it down—in which case, Peach Valley’s scrambled eggs are here ready for you every morning!)

Use your waffle maker in unexpected ways

If you have a waffle maker at home, you’re already well on your way to some serious breakfast fun! In addition to using your waffle maker for, well, waffles, feel free to try a breakfast quesadilla with cheese, peppers and bacon sandwiched between two tortillas—or use it to lend a fun texture and gooey warmth to your pre-made cinnamon roll dough! Hash browns also take on a deliciously crunchy flair when cooked in a waffle maker.

Breathe new life into leftovers

The secret to breathing new life into leftovers and other odds and ends? A muffin pan! Add chopped-up bacon, veggies and cheese to an egg mixture and pour into muffin tins for an effortless spin on quiche—or, for a sweet treat, use your muffin pan to form miniature granola “bowls,” bake, then fill with yogurt and fruit!

Use a batter bottle for perfect pancakes

If you’re a Peach Valley pancakes lover, you’ve probably wondered how to craft your own perfectly round pancakes at home—and for this, a batter bottle is a great solution. If you don’t have one handy, but have a serious pancake craving, an empty ketchup bottle will do the trick. Just be sure to thoroughly rinse it before adding your batter!

We hope that these hacks help you achieve perfect potatoes, mouthwatering eggs and much more! Of course, when you’re in search of some flavorful inspiration, swing by Peach Valley Café for all of your breakfast favorites prepared to perfection.

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