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5 Ways to Enjoy a Better Breakfast Routine

Wed, Sep 18, 2019 at 6:55PM

5 Ways to Enjoy a Better Breakfast Routine

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day—but it’s also the easiest to miss amidst the hustle and bustle of busy mornings! In honor of Better Breakfast Month, we’re sharing five easy ways to enjoy a breakfast that fills you up and soothes the soul. Just read on.

Get hydrated

A great breakfast (and overall start to your day) begins long before you actually sit down to eat. Staying hydrated with water in addition to your morning coffee is a great way to wake yourself up and replenish your body, preparing it for the day ahead. If you have trouble sticking to a hydrating routine, keep a bottle of H2O by your bedside and enjoy a drink right when you wake up. Voila, a healthy choice to kick off your day before you even jump out of bed!

Plan ahead for the perfect meal

Breakfast time can be busy! In the midst of preparing for work or getting ready for school, you might forget to sit down and fuel up altogether. Fortunately, by preparing elements of your breakfast the night before, you can count on there being plenty of time to eat while still getting everything done! A few of our favorite make-ahead recipes include…

  • Overnight oats, which involves simply soaking oats and milk together (alongside your choice of other nutritious ingredients), refrigerating, and enjoying the next day for a cool, creamy treat
  • Mini muffin quiches, prepared with eggs, meat and other mix-ins and stored in your refrigerator until you’re ready to enjoy
  • No-bake granola bars that can be grabbed on the go for a satisfying breakfast snack

Leave it to us

Craving a breakfast solution that calls for no prep time or cleanup at all? Come down to Peach Valley! Sometimes, busy mornings call for a no-fuss solution that lets you sit down, dig in, and recharge for the day ahead. On those days, we’ve got you covered with everything from coffee and fresh fruit to hearty Steak & Eggs, a vibrant Sunrise Breakfast Wrap, and much more. Whether you prefer a light start to your day, a hearty breakfast fuel-up, or something in between, you can count on us to provide the perfect way to start your day.

Make a standing breakfast appointment with friends

Whether it’s a Monday morning breakfast date, or a standing weekend brunch appointment, setting aside time for a morning meal with friends is sure to help you spend more quality time together. Plus, on those days when you simply want to stay in bed and catch some more zzz’s, the promise of a delicious breakfast with great company will help serve as an added incentive to get up and kick-start your day.

Stress less

Breakfast isn’t just about fueling your body for the day ahead. It should also be a time of day where you help your mind wake up and prepare for the day in a comfortable setting! With this in mind, look for ways to stress less at the breakfast table. Instead of scrolling through the news on your phone, or getting a head-start on answering emails, for example, take some time to truly observe and enjoy the meal in front of you. You can even bring along a good book or, if you’re dining with the family, talk about things you are excited for in the day ahead! By shifting your mindset, you can turn breakfast from a strictly “utilitarian” meal into something you truly enjoy and savor.

As a bonus tip, try enjoying foods at breakfast that help stop stress in its tracks! According to research from UCLA, for example, the probiotics in yogurt aren’t just good for your gut—they may be able to keep you calm, too! Oatmeal’s soothing, comfort food flavor is another great option—not just because it tastes and feels great, but because it can boost serotonin in your brain and help you feel more at ease. So whether you’re enjoying a bowl of Oatmeal or the brown sugar-scented strawberry yogurt alongside your Orchard Fresh Apple Fritters, you can enjoy spoon after stress-beating spoon with ease.  

This Better Breakfast Month, let us help take your breakfast from good to better to best. Visit Peach Valley today for some sweet inspiration!

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