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5 Ways to Mix Up Your Weekday Routine

Tue, Aug 20, 2019 at 12:02PM

5 Ways to Mix Up Your Weekday Routine

For many families, this time of year marks a return to routine—from sun-soaked summer days to the familiar surroundings of work and school. But who said our fall routines had to be so, well, routine?

In the spirit of continuing summer’s fun-filled spontaneity, we’re taking a look at five easy ways to mix up your weekday routine. Just read on to learn more!

Plan something fun for the morning

Hitting “snooze” one too many times? We’ve all been there! To avoid the “just five more minutes” phenomenon, and the rushed routine to get ready in the morning, why not plan something fun for the early part of the day? This will give you an added incentive to spring out of bed—not because you have to, but because there’s something special waiting for you! This could be anything from a neighborhood jog, walk with your dog, some time doing yoga or even listening to a favorite podcast. Or, of course, a delicious breakfast at Peach Valley (complete with the nutritious picks and coffee you need to power through your day)! The key is to find something that you truly enjoy, so that every weekday feels fresh, fun and exciting.

Take an afternoon beach trip…

Who says beach trips are just for the weekend? Heading to the beach later in the day is a great family activity—plus, the off-peak hours plus beginning of fall ensure that your favorite shoreline spot will likely be a little less crowded than usual! Bring a frisbee or just kick back and relax with a good book. Either way, this is sure to make your weekday routine all the more engaging.

… or enjoy a picnic at the park

You can also enjoy some quality time at your local park! Get friends and family together for a relaxing afternoon picnic. Just order your favorite Peach Valley picks online, pick them up and dig in! Even if it’s just a quick lunch break outing, time spent outdoors is proven to help you feel better and more productive—and, of course, it’s downright fun.

Sip on something sweet

We may be approaching the fall season, but Florida days are as warm as ever! For a delicious afternoon pick-me-up, come down to Peach Valley and sip on something cool and sweet, like our Café Iced Caramel Coffee or a classic Iced Tea. It’s sure to sweeten up your day—and as you stir your iced drink, you’ll be stirring up your weekday routine, too.

Try a new lunchtime go-to

Peach Valley’s got you covered with plenty of ways to switch up your routine, like our Peachy Pairs U Pick 2 Menu! By picking any two salads, soups or sandwiches, you are able to craft your meal based on whatever the day (and your cravings!) may have in store. Need some extra protein-packed fuel? A light and refreshing combo? Whatever you need, you’re covered. Twelve soups, salads and sandwiches in all equals a whopping 144 possible combinations to enjoy. (If you’re doing the math, that means you can enjoy a different Peachy Pair every weekday for more than half the year before repeating. Talk about keeping things fresh!)

These ideas ensure that you’ll never fall into the “same old” routine again! Discover something new every day, here at Peach Valley and everywhere you go.

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