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6 Breakfast Time Tips for Picky-Eater Kids

Fri, Sep 24, 2021 at 4:37PM

6 Breakfast Time Tips for Picky-Eater Kids

Dealing with picky-eater tendencies in your family? Sometimes, it can be frustrating and difficult to encourage kids to add variety into their favorite foods. However, this process doesn’t have to become a power struggle over the breakfast table. Picky eating can be a normal party of growing up. However, while kids are developing good eating habits, there’s a few things you can do to encourage their taste buds to try something new – without turning eating healthy and fresh foods into a chore. Read on for a few ideas of how you might manage the process, whether at home or at your favorite breakfast restaurant!

  1. Be a Positive Food Role Model

Your kids look up to you and others to gain an understanding of food. Help them learn by example! Model good food behaviors by being adventurous and nutritious in your own eating. React positively, enjoying and finishing your plate. If they express interest, allow them to try a bite. Another option is to introduce one of their peers who is an adventurous eater – they won’t want to feel left out!

  1. Bring Variety to the Breakfast Restaurant Table

Most people aren’t happy with the monotony of eating the same food all the time. So, keep the dishes rotating! Give kids a chance to try new things and get used to healthy variety in their eating habits. Don’t repeat the same foods every day. Try a variety of flavors, colors, and textures, with appropriate options for kids to choose from. Remember – whether at home or out for breakfast in Port Orange, mealtime should be exciting!

  1. Allow Kids to Be Active Participants

One way to help kids to connect with the food on their plate is to let them be involved in the process. Help them understand the menu at the restaurant, then answer questions they might have about the food. If you’re eating at home or getting takeout from a breakfast restaurant, let them help set the table and fix plates. Get them familiar with the mealtime process, and they may surprise you with an open mind!

  1. Have Fun with Your Food

Have you ever been told not to play with your food? While you might not want to make a mess, some healthy exploration of new food items isn’t always a bad thing. Kids take a while to become familiar with new foods they eat – and to feel comfortable trying it. Even if your child rolls around a piece of fruit and ultimately pushes it aside after a taste, that’s another exposure to the food, which might lead to them exploring and trying it again later.

  1. Try Something New with Something Familiar

Bring in a new food to try alongside something your child already enjoys. This might even mean trying a sample from your plate alongside a familiar meal. Or, it might mean adding a small potion of a new food to their current meal. Alternatively, you might try foods that are a little different from their tried-and-true favorites. Consider a breakfast restaurant menu, for example. At Peach Valley, scrambled eggs might lead to tasting a Veggie Omelet, or a favorite fruit might lead to the variety of trying a bigger-sized Seasonal Fruit Bowl.

  1. Develop a Mealtime Routine

Try to eat meals at the same time each day – whether that’s a full course or a designated snack time. Don’t offer extra food outside of mealtimes, but keep meals regular. This way, kids can take the time to become hungry before trying new foods. They won’t feel too full or uncomfortable to explore. And, if they don’t like the new options, they’ll know that their next mealtime comes in a few hours – just enough time to try something new again.

We hope these tips give your family a great jumping off point for building healthy breakfast habits. At Peach Valley, we’re always excited to build delicious relationships with fresh, homemade food. Stop by your nearest breakfast restaurant location today to start discovering your family’s new brunchtime favorites!

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