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7 Reasons to Enjoy A Glass of Chocolate Milk

Wed, Sep 18, 2019 at 6:55PM

7 Reasons to Enjoy A Glass of Chocolate Milk

Cool, creamy and sweet, there’s nothing quite as soothing as a glass of chocolate milk! This drink is a staple of the elementary school cafeteria, but who says it has to stay there? In honor of National Chocolate Milk Day on September 27th, we’re revisiting this classic treat and sharing seven big reasons why it’s worth enjoying today, and all year long.

Take a sip and enjoy.

It’s National Chocolate Milk Day

Holidays are for celebrating—even those holidays you wouldn’t find on a calendar! Get in the spirit on National Chocolate Milk Day by taking a sip of this cool, creamy classic. Share in the fun on social media, too! Like every great food holiday, this one is too sweet to pass up.

Chocolate milk isn’t just for kids

Looking for ways to mix up your everyday routine? Start with small, playful changes that let you embrace your inner child! Chocolate milk is just one such switch, delivering a dose of sweet, simple goodness in every sip. It reminds you not to take yourself too seriously, to savor little moments and to treat yourself every once in a while, too.

Sure, this may seem like a tall order for one little drink—but after your first sip, you’ll start to see what makes chocolate milk so special!

It’s a wholesome way to indulge chocolate cravings

Craving chocolate? Chocolate milk is a great way to go, since it delivers that dose of sweetness alongside all the big benefits of milk—such as lots of calcium and vitamin D, which are great for bone health, as well as potassium and protein, to name just a few! So even though every glass feels indulgent, you can sip happy knowing that you’re doing something good for your body as well.

Chocolate milk balances out your salty favorites…

When you’re digging into a meal featuring salty staples, such as French fries, you can count on chocolate milk to wash it down and balance it all out. You can even dip your fries for a truly flavorful fusion!

… and amplifies the sweet ones

On the other hand, if you’re looking for ways to satisfy your sweet tooth in a big way, chocolate milk will serve as the ultimate counterpart to a sweet meal! Chocolate and strawberries go hand in hand, for example, while pairing your drink with our Chocolate Chip Pancakes is sure to deliver the double dose of sweetness you’re searching for.

It might just be the perfect post-workout solution

While “chocolate” and “workout” may not seem like an intuitive pairing, we think this duo may be worth a closer look—and so do the experts! According to the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, chocolate milk works well at replacing fluids lost to sweat; delivers protein, calcium, vitamin D, sodium and other nutrients that help you recharge and recover after a long workout; and its carbohydrate content (which, thanks to the chocolate, is higher than regular milk) is perfect for soothing and restoring sore muscles. Several magazines and fitness sites have sung the praises of chocolate milk as a post-workout snack for rigorous athletes, so why not give it a try?

Hot weather calls for cool comfort

Here in the Sunshine State, we may be switching into the fall season—but our weather is slow to catch up! On hot and sunny days, chocolate milk is an especially refreshing way to kick back, relax and perhaps sport a serious milk moustache. But we suspect that you’ll be so relieved after that first sip that you won’t even mind.

Convinced yet? Come down to Peach Valley Café and enjoy a glass of cold chocolate milk with your meal! It’s sure to satisfy—the perfect pairing to dishes both sweet and savory.

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