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7 Ways to Enjoy Avocados on National Avocado Day

Tue, Jul 23, 2019 at 5:58PM

7 Ways to Enjoy Avocados on National Avocado Day

Creamy, earthy and ever-versatile, avocados are the ultimate superfood. In honor of National Avocado Day on July 31st, we’re sharing a few of our favorite ways to enjoy this one-of-a-kind fruit, at home and beyond! Read on to learn more.

Munch on avocado toast

For an irresistible snack that packs a protein punch, opt for avocado toast! It’s an easy way to get plenty of flavor and fuel, whether you’re on the go or simply crave a handcrafted meal—and against the backdrop of multigrain toast, the fresh, mild flavor and texture of avocado can truly shine. It’s an especially easy meal to enjoy here at Peach Valley. Our Protein Packed Avocado Toast combines a chunky avocado, black bean & EVOO spread with vine-ripe tomatoes and two eggs, any style, to fuel you up and delight your taste buds.

Dig (or dip) into a classic

One of the most popular uses of avocado is, of course, guacamole. It doesn’t take too much to make this dish sing—simply pair it with your favorite chips and serve it up on family game night or poolside with friends for an effortless treat. For an authentic guacamole with just enough chunk, pick up a molcajete and tejolote, the mortar and pestle of Mexican cuisine, to craft the dish at home.

Try it diced up in a salad…

Avocados are filled with nutritious benefits (such as healthy fats, protein and fiber), so you may be looking for more ways to incorporate them into your cuisine. One easy way is to dice avocado into a salad. The fruit’s smooth, creamy texture will stand out next to crunchy greens and other ingredients, making for a truly unique meal experience. Enjoy it in our Cobb Salad, where it makes a green splash alongside turkey, cucumbers, bacon, eggs and other ingredients.

… or used as a creamy binder

Avocado also works as a great binding ingredient in chicken salad and egg salad, where you can use its creamy spread instead of (or in addition to) traditional mayonnaise for a fun, green mix.

Sip on an avocado smoothie

You may be accustomed to using avocado as a savory staple, but it also works well mixed into your morning smoothie! Its protein will help add fuel to a berry medley, while its creamy texture will result in a smoothie that’s silky, smooth and easy to enjoy.

Add avocado as a sandwich filler

Avocado also works great on a wide variety of sandwiches, either served up in chunks (as you’ll find it on your vibrant Valley Fiesta, where the fruit’s mild, creamy flavor complements the tang of pico de gallo) or as a mayonnaise substitute on your go-to lunch meat combo.

Enjoy avocado sushi

For a vegetarian-friendly alternative to traditional sushi, try avocado rolls! Avocado is a colorful, nutritious addition to any sushi night menu, and can easily be incorporated into a wide variety of roll recipes.

Bonus tip

Avocados are in season here in Florida, so you’re likely to use them a lot! If you pick up avocados that aren’t quite ripe yet, toss them into a paper bag with apples or bananas. These fruits will release a ripening hormone called ethylene, which, in the closed environment of a bag, will produce the same effect in your avocados. Voila, ripe, ready-to-enjoy avocados in as little as a day.

Full of fiber, protein and delicious flavor, avocados offer go-to goodness wherever they’re used. We hope that these ideas help you enjoy avocados in all new ways. In the meantime, we want to know—what’s your favorite Peach Valley avocado dish? Enjoy it, or try something new, on your next meal out!

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