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A Look at Flavorful Trends for 2020

Thu, Dec 19, 2019 at 1:07PM

A Look at Flavorful Trends for 2020

A new decade is right around the corner, and foodies have their eye on what flavors, food trends and culinary moments the next year and beyond will bring! As we count down to 2020, take a look at a few possible patterns we may start to see—as well as some delicious ways to dig in and embrace them for yourself. Just read on.

Retro eats

Nostalgia tends to happen in cycles—and for much of the last decade, popular culture has reflected an interest in the 1980s and 1990s in the form of movies, TV shows and era-inspired music. As we head into the new decade, we’re looking toward the early 2000s as a likely source of inspiration for the coming years’ art, entertainment and, of course, food. Trendy foods from the era include bacon—in myriad forms—as well as smoothies, cupcakes and other picturesque bites. (Want to get a head-start on this possible trend? Dig into our Superfood Breakfast, whose smoothie-like organic chia seed and coconut milk pudding is sure to satisfy, and add a side of bacon for some crisp goodness!)

Love for local flavors

As we continue to search for ways to be more sustainable and eco-conscious in 2020 and beyond, we have no doubt that local flavors will play a big part in this effort. Not only is it fun to embrace local eateries and unique hidden gems, such as flavorful farmers markets, but it helps reduce your environmental footprint, too, since the food you’re enjoying typically doesn’t have to travel as far to get to you.

Viral food moments

2019 saw such viral food moments as the record-breaking Instagram Egg (a photo of, well, an egg that became the social platform’s most-liked post ever), the raved-about Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich and the debate about an odd way to slice bagels (apparently, in St. Louis, they’re sliced from the top!). It’s hard to guess what the next big food moment will be—but with the help of social media and our ever-growing interest in delicious, unique food, we know it’s coming.

Flexitarian dining

Every day, we learn more and more about the benefits about plant-based foods, which are good for us and the environment! As we head into 2020 and the new decade, we may see that we can embrace plant-based foods without making major changes to our diet or lifestyle. The rise of “flexitarianism” will see eco-, health-conscious foodies digging into plant proteins (like those found in our Veggie Omelet) even if they don’t entirely forego meat and dairy products.

Experiential cuisine

“Experiential” gifts have grown in popularity in recent holiday seasons, and we predict that experiential cuisine activities will do the same in 2020 and beyond—everything from wine tastings to cooking classes to laidback dinner parties where you and your friends whip up the meal together!

Comfort food classics

Of course, while a new decade evokes imagery of innovation and modern cuisine, we also think that the milestone year will see us embracing comfort food classics, too. According to DoorDash’s 2019-2020 Trend Report, for example, the food delivery service noted that orders for soothing treats like mac n’ cheese and apple pie were some of the most popular picks ordered this year. Here at Peach Valley, you can indulge your comfort food cravings with favorites like our Chicken & Waffles, Chocolate Chip Pancakes, and many more.

Whatever the next decade may deliver in terms of food trends and fashion, you can count on Peach Valley Café to stay up to date with the latest flavors while still delivering the classic, comforting dishes and welcoming atmosphere you’ve come to know and love. We wish you and yours a very Happy New Year!

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