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A Personalized Palate

Tue, Feb 13, 2018 at 9:00AM

A Personalized Palate

We’ve all dreamed about a life of luxury—maybe one that comes complete with our own personal chef!

It’s an emblem of extravagance, but it’s not the only way to personalize your palate.

In an age when we’re constantly customizing everything from social media to our morning coffee orders, it’s only natural that you want to customize your everyday cuisine, too! Read on and we’ll show you how.

Take a quiz

Today’s technology puts personalization at the touch of your fingertips. A few clicks and you have hundreds of quizzes at your disposal—they’re both silly (what kind of egg are you?) and seriously helpful, like ones that can tell you what wine you’d like best or what cuisine best suits your tastes. If you’re wondering how to perfect your food preferences, or simply wanted to kick off your culinary appreciation, fun, easy online quizzes like these are worth a try.

Throw a buffet-style party

If you love personalized dishes, why not throw a party with buffet-style eats? This ensures that everyone gets to enjoy the foods they love best, and is a perfect option for groups where there might be more than one picky eater (which is, of course, not a problem—it means you know what you like, after all!).

Some great party menu ideas include taco bars, frozen yogurt stations with all the mix-ins, and personal pizzas where you can pick out the perfect balance of cheese, veggies, pepperoni and all.

Preference comes with practice

Wondering how to become a culinary connoisseur, someone who knows what they like and how they like it?

The answer is simple—practice makes perfect! And it also results in preferences you can stick to. Try a little bit of everything by subscribing to curated food clubs (like wine/bread/bacon of the month). This will help you gain a better familiarity with food. Even if you don’t like every bite or sip you try, you’re still that much closer to being someone who can rattle off a steak order like the back of their hand.

Know your needs

Food is fun, but it, of course, serves a practical purpose, too! If you’re looking for a way to personalize your meals to suit your fitness needs, you can do that, too. The “keto” diet, for example, places emphasis on protein sans carbs. On the other hand, athletes might enjoy meals that are packed with complex carbs that keep them well-fueled during practice, workouts and games. Trial and error, plus the advice from a doctor or trainer, can help you craft a plan that’s perfectly yours.

Take the day off

When you really crave that “personal chef” experience, combined with a homestyle atmosphere, why not give yourself the day off? Rolling out of bed and heading for breakfast or brunch at Peach Valley is one of the best ways to ensure an effortless meal, one you can customize to your liking—enjoy eggs just the way you like them… then slather them in ketchup, dip your fries in your drink, and embrace whatever other “oddities” you might enjoy. At Peach Valley, we’ve seen it all, and are happy to help you craft a culinary experience you truly love.

No personal chef? No problem. Today, it’s easier than ever to personalize your palate and enjoy effortless meals that are uniquely “you”… and we here at Peach Valley can’t wait to help you dig into the deliciousness ahead.

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