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A Sweet Escape: Celebrating Florida Strawberry Month

Mon, Jan 28, 2019 at 5:00PM

A Sweet Escape: Celebrating Florida Strawberry Month

With crisp air, blue skies and endless sunshine, Florida winters are already pretty sweet—add the splendor of Florida Strawberry Month and you’re in for a truly delicious experience.

The celebration takes place every February, when this sweet, juicy staple of state produce is at its peak freshness for the year. Want to learn more about this beloved fruit and its role in the Sunshine State? Just read on!

Strawberries are a long-standing symbol of love

Strawberries are sweet, decadent and perfect for Valentine’s Day treats—especially when dipped in some warm, melted chocolate. But did you know that the strawberry’s ties began all the way back in Ancient Rome? Thanks to its rich red color and heart-like shape, the fruit served as a symbol for Venus, the Goddess of Love.

They’re good for you, too

Foods that are as healthy as they are delicious are a “win” in our book! The strawberry is a terrific example. Packed with vitamin C, manganese and heart-healthy antioxidants, you can feel good about enjoying a cup-full with your breakfast or as a sweet treat to cap off your meal.

Florida is the country’s second-largest producer of strawberries

Florida may be best known for its oranges, but did you know that we have a thriving strawberry scene, too? According to the Florida Strawberry Growers Association, there are about 8,000 acres’ worth of strawberries growing in Florida, second only to California.

A small Florida city is known as the Winter Strawberry Capital of the World

Many of those strawberries are grown in Plant City, located inland from Tampa. In fact, the city is known as the Winter Strawberry Capital of the World thanks to its mild climate and warm winters, which fosters growth when other states simply can’t compete.

The city may seem perfectly named for its love of produce, but the name “Plant” actually stems from Henry B. Plant, a famous regional developer for whom the nearby Henry B. Plant Museum in Tampa is also named.

They know how to celebrate…

Plant City is proud of its reputation for growing some of the country’s sweetest strawberries—so proud, in fact, that they host the annual Florida Strawberry Festival to celebrate the sweet tradition! Beginning on February 28th, join in for 11 days of fun, live music (including beloved artists like Willie Nelson & Family, Kool & the Gang, Pat Boone and more), carnival rides and all the strawberries you could eat. Be sure to savor such delicious dishes as the World-Famous Strawberry Shortcake, Strawberry Pie and even Strawberry Burgers or Pizza! The last one is a sweet, graham cracker-crust variant on a traditional pizza pie—and we know you’ll love it.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this closer look at the sweet, one-of-a-kind strawberry—as you can see, it’s a bit of a local celebrity!

If all this reading about strawberries has worked up a craving, we’ve got you covered. Come down to Peach Valley to enjoy strawberries in a vibrant fruit bowl, nutritious Summer Salad or Superfood Breakfast. For a sweet-tooth fix, enjoy strawberries atop your Belgian Waffle, or savor the creamy goodness of strawberry yogurt alongside our Orchard Fresh Apple Fritters.

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