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A Sweet-and-Syrupy Celebration of French Toast

Thu, Nov 04, 2021 at 11:37AM

A Sweet-and-Syrupy Celebration of French Toast

Looking for the perfect excuse to branch out your best brunch selections? Well, you’re in luck! National French Toast Day is coming up on November 28th. Thinking beyond pancakes and waffles is easy when you’ve got two delicious and indulgent French toast options available at your favorite breakfast restaurant. Plus, these cinnamon and berry flavors have us thinking “fall!” Before you dig in for brunch in Gainesville and throughout our Florida locations, read on for a few interesting facts about this family favorite dish:

What Goes into a Delicious French Toast?

Got a sweet tooth – and especially for breakfast? French toast is your best bet. If you’re looking for the basic recipe, start with bread slices, then soak them in a blend of eggs and milk and pan fry them. Sugar, vanilla, and cinnamon can add extra sweetness, as well! Our Peach Valley variant offers delicious pieces of Texas toast and homemade batter, sprinkled with cinnamon and powdered sugar. Don’t forget to add syrup! If you’re looking to go bigger and bolder, you can also try our Very Berry Stuffed French Toast, which adds creamy mascarpone cheese, raspberry-blueberry compote, and seasonal berries. Mmm!

Where Did the Name Come From?

Despite its name, French toast may not actually owe its invention or naming to the French. Some hypothesize that chefs deemed the food French to make it seem fancy – associating French cuisine with high quality. Others suggest that “French” did not refer to France at all – but instead to the verb “to French,” meaning “to slice” in Old Irish. Some other creation myths tell of a supposed 1700s chef named Joseph French who came up with the recipe.

Taking all this mysterious history into consideration, we’re not quite certain how the dish truly got its name. We do know one thing, however: in French, the meal is called “pain perdu” or “lost bread” (referring to French toast sometimes being made at home from leftover bread pieces). Or, in Canada, you might say “pain doré,” or "golden bread!”

How Did French Toast Get Invented?

Despite all the legends involved with the name, we see references to an early French Toast as far back as the 1st century CE, where Roman cookery recipes mention frying bread soaked in milk and eggs, fried in oil and covered in honey. The dish is referred to as aliter dulcia – meaning “another sweet dish.” Sounds good to us!

How Can I Best Enjoy French Toast at Brunch?

A French toast breakfast is plenty sweet – so it might be best to pair it with some contrasting flavors to really balance out your plate. Try adding some saltiness with crispy hardwood-smoked bacon, sausage, or breakfast ham as a side. Looking for something to drink? Orange juice might be the perfect touch of tartness. If you’re craving even more sweetness, bring your breakfast to new levels with a delicious Café Iced Caramel Latte. We’re looking forward to our French Toast celebration – and we hope you’ll join us with a delicious brunch in Gainesville and beyond!

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