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All About Apple Fritters (and More Ways to Enjoy Apples This October)

Tue, Oct 02, 2018 at 3:30PM

All About Apple Fritters (and More Ways to Enjoy Apples This October)

Where dessert and comfort food collide, you’ll find apple fritters—the sweet, simply satisfying treat that feels especially at home during the crisp fall months.

If you’re craving apple fritters, we can help—at Peach Valley, our beloved Orchard Fresh Apple Fritters are lovingly made by hand, and are easy to enjoy all season long, and beyond, at the Café nearest you. Until then, read up on what makes these scrumptious treats so hard to resist! Just take a look below as we dive into apple fritter season (and a few more ways to enjoy apples this October).

In a hurry?

Today’s apple fritters evoke an idea of tender preparation—doughy bites lovingly rolled in cinnamon, fried up to perfection but never rushed…

So, it may surprise you to learn that this beloved dessert—a comfort food staple—was once known as “hasty!” According to “The Lady’s, Housewife’s, and Cookmaid’s Assistant,” a 1769 cookbook, that is. This early appearance of the delicious dessert, then referred to as “Hasty Apple Fritters,” was not too different from what we know today, though its cooking method (laid “upon a drainer before the fire” to fry) was probably a little quicker than most recipes of the day, hence the “hasty.”

Though this is one of the earlier written iterations of apple fritters, humans were enjoying fritter-style foods centuries before “Cookmaid’s Assistant.” In fact, even the Ancient Romans enjoyed their share of fried sweets, then known as scriblita. While this dish may be responsible for inspiring treats across Europe and, eventually, the world, the similarity of fried fritter-esque dishes in other parts of the globe (such as Japanese tempura) suggests that the simple, flaky fried combination is a key part of many cuisines. 

Our Peach Valley pick

Wondering how we like our fritters here at Peach Valley? See for yourself! Our beloved Sack of Orchard Fresh Apple Fritters starts with Granny Smith apples, mixed into a homemade batter and cooked to a nice golden brown. A delightful cinnamon sugar blend (and the complement of a sweet brown sugar-scented strawberry yogurt) rounds out the flavor and makes for a sweet dessert that can’t be missed, this fall or any other time of year.

More ways to enjoy apples this fall

There are, of course, plenty of delicious ways to indulge in your favorite apple flavors this fall. At home, why not try a simple, almost-from-scratch apple pie? Simply scoop green apple slices into a crust made with cinnamon roll dough from the refrigerator aisle. It’s a great way to enjoy the apple, cinnamon, doughy flavor in hardly any time at all.

If it’s the apple scent you’re after, there’s a way to integrate the orchard fragrance into your home without ever picking up a candle (or even using the oven). Simply toss leftover apple cores into a simmering pot with orange rinds, cinnamon and some of your favorite fall spices to fill your home with a pleasing autumnal scent, simmered to perfection.

Indulge in the sweet satisfaction of fritters and other apple treats this fall! As always, Peach Valley Café is the perfect place to begin your culinary adventure.

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