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All About Bacon

Tue, Dec 20, 2016 at 6:44PM

All About Bacon

On a cool holiday morning, there’s nothing quite like the sizzling sound and traveling, savory scent of bacon on the stovetop. It’s sure to bring even the heaviest sleepers out of their slumber and down for a family breakfast!

Bacon is a staple of the American breakfast table—but how else can it be used? What’s the best way to make it? And what, once and for all, makes Canadian bacon so special? We’ll be tackling these questions and more in today’s blog!

The best way to enjoy…

Every family has their own idea of what the best way to prepare bacon is. The absolute perfect way doesn’t exist—it’s up to you, your tastes, and your needs! For a classically simple idea, you can fry up a few strips of bacon next to your morning eggs on the stovetop. For bigger family breakfasts or brunches, you might consider the hands-off approach and try baking it on a foil-lined cookie pan. You’ll still get bacon that’s as crispy as you like it—just with less flipping and much bigger batches!

The national question

What’s the fundamental difference between traditional bacon, cut into strips, and the delicious Canadian bacon we enjoy on specialty dishes like Eggs Benedict? It’s commonly said that Canadian bacon is just good-old ham—and while Canadian bacon can certainly look and taste quite like ham, this doesn’t quite deliver the whole story.

Canadian bacon is cut from the pork loin, not the belly where we get the streaky strips of American bacon. It is cut round, not into strips, and it has a sweeter taste (especially compared to the smoky flavors American bacon fans are used to!).

Both options, of course, are delicious!

Innovative treats

In today’s modern kitchen, we’re seeing more and more uses for bacon. It can come cooked into a pizza, as a light turkey or vegan alternative, and can even be mixed with egg custard to create one-of-a-kind ice creams!

Of course, here at Peach Valley, we like to keep it simple. When you have a craving for American bacon, you can’t go wrong with our All-American Egg Sandwich or Valley Omelet. For a lighter fix, the turkey bacon in our Coquina Chicken Club can’t be beat. And of course, when you’re looking to enjoy the mild taste of Canadian bacon, indulge in our Traditional Eggs Benedict for a flavor fusion you’ll love.

Whether you enjoy it alongside your morning eggs, or in a unique savory dish, the delicious flavor of bacon is something we’ve come to know and love. Share your favorite prep ideas with us below!

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