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America Divided: The Foods We Love and Hate

Sun, Jan 29, 2017 at 12:15PM

America Divided: The Foods We Love and Hate

Every February, America splits as people align themselves with one of two Super Bowl contenders. While it makes for good TV (and even better commercials), we think this annual event pales in comparison to the polarizing food debates we see every day across the country.

We have heated debates over pizza toppings, how to properly fix up a hot dog, whether or not cilantro makes for a suitable garnish… and much more.

In today’s blog, it’s time to pick sides and explore the most polarizing food issues around. Take a look and decide where you stand!

Eggs and ketchup

Most people are accustomed to at least adding a bit of salt and pepper to their scrambled eggs—but add some ketchup on top of that, and you might attract a few looks of shock (or disgust) from friends and family members who prefer to keep it simple. Some people swear by this breakfast combination, which pairs light, buttery eggs with the more acidic ketchup for a flavorful fusion. Others may be less than comfortable trying it, especially if they didn’t grow up eating their eggs that way. Peach Valley’s professional opinion? Enjoy your eggs any way you like!


Cilantro, otherwise known as coriander, is a popular topping for many dishes—but it’s certainly a polarizing food that people either love or hate. Why the dissidence? Unlike other foods, which people can disagree on based on taste or texture, there’s actually a scientific reason why cilantro doesn’t click with certain people—and it’s all in their genes!

Cilantro has fat molecules called aldehydes that can contribute to a soapy aftertaste—but only some diners can taste it, resulting in the “love it or hate it” nature of the herb. People with the gene OR6A2, an olfactory receptor gene, are actually more sensitive to that soapy taste and more likely to dislike cilantro as a result.

French fry dressings

Finally, we have a food debate that isn’t quite about what we consume, but how we consume it.

When you have fries, do you prefer to dip them into your ketchup, or pour the ketchup all over the fries? Both answers are sure to draw criticism from friends and family, with some saying the all-over approach is much too messy. They prefer the order and neatness of a dip-and-enjoy experience—but who are we to judge? Fries are fries, after all!

While these dishes may be divisive, that’s what food is all about! Finding what you love, what you don’t, and how to best dress up your favorite dishes.

What do you think about these dinner table issues? Share your own opinions with us below!

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