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Apple Appreciation: 5 Ways to Enjoy a Fruity Favorite

Tue, Aug 20, 2019 at 12:04PM

Apple Appreciation: 5 Ways to Enjoy a Fruity Favorite

The back-to-school season stirs up memories of recess, chalkboard dust—and an apple on our teacher’s desk! Of course, apples are good for much more than currying favor for the school year. Whether you’re a kid or a kid at heart, they are a delicious addition to your day, any way you slice them.

Read on as we share a few of our favorite ways to enjoy the all-American staple, at home and here at Peach Valley!

Orchard Fresh Apple Fritters

Any discussion of apples at Peach Valley has to start, naturally, with our Orchard Fresh Apple Fritters. This is a beloved mainstay on our menu, and for good reason—the fritters’ rich, sweet flavor and delightfully crisp texture combine to create a truly irresistible experience. The secret? Simple, wholesome ingredients: fresh Granny Smith apples, homemade batter and a sweet cinnamon-sugar blend, tossed tableside to bring it all together. Brown sugar-scented strawberry yogurt completes the experience for those who want to double-up on fruity goodness. For everything from a celebration for straight As, to just-because fun with friends, these fritters are food for the soul.

Curry Chicken Salad

Apples are easy to enjoy as dessert, but they also work deliciously in more savory dishes! Our Curry Chicken Salad and Curry Chicken Salad Wrap are perfect examples of this. Each is prepared with fresh mixed greens, a housemade sweet curry dressing, and the sweet-and-sour flavor of Granny Smith apples for a tangy kick that will pair perfectly with curry’s rich, earthy flavor foundation. It’s a fresh spin on traditional chicken salad that’s sure to please.

Apple Juice (as a perfect pair)

You can also indulge in apple-y goodness in your beverage! While it may seem like a standard pick, Apple Juice is anything but ordinary when you pair it with the right dish—much like how wine brings out the best of a good steak and vice a versa.

So, how do you pair Apple Juice with your Peach Valley meal? Opt for dishes that have natural apple flavor partners, such as the cinnamon in our decadent French Toast (featuring thick-cut Texas Toast as its foundation!) or the pecans in our Pecan Pancakes, which, like apples, taste like fall on a plate! You can also enjoy a glass of Apple Juice to wash down a side of bacon. The sweet-and-savory fusion is sure to please. It’s no wonder why applewood is such a popular fire choice for bacon, after all! Something about the two together just clicks, as you’ll soon discover.

Bonus tip: For a modern alternative to the apple-on-a-desk tradition…

Back to that tradition of an apple for the teacher’s desk…

It’s a sweet tradition! Let’s add a modern twist. It’s never too early to show your child’s teacher some appreciation, and a Peach Valley gift card is a great way to do just that. In lieu of a traditional apple, a gift card gives your child’s teacher (or anyone in your life you want to say “thank you!” to) the chance to indulge in a truly delicious experience, characterized by these apple dishes and many other treats.  

Spruce up your space with an apple-y aroma

To indulge in your love for all things apple, try filling your home with the fruit’s signature aroma! Simmer apple pieces (cores are ok—this is for whiffing, not for eating!) with orange peels, cinnamon and water on the stove for a homemade candle of sorts that’s sure to warm up your home with a cozy atmosphere.

Indulge in homemade apple chips

For another great DIY, simply slice up an apple, add cinnamon and sugar, and cook the “chips” in your oven until golden brown and crunchy. You’ve instantly got fresh, homemade apple chips that are perfect for enjoying solo or pairing with a cool bowl of vanilla ice cream!

Bonus tip: For fresh apple slices…

Bringing apple slices to work, or packing them for your child’s lunch? Soaking them in saltwater, and then rinsing off before eating to remove any excess salty flavor, can help prevent the browning process! Other methods include adding lemon juice or honey to slow down the enzymatic browning.

These apple flavors are sure to please, this back-to-school season and beyond!

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