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Beat Summertime Boredom with Kitchen Fun for Kids

Fri, Jun 30, 2017 at 2:45PM

Beat Summertime Boredom with Kitchen Fun for Kids

Summertime fun doesn’t have to be expensive or hard to come by. In fact, if you have kids, your very kitchen can play host to a variety of fun and games this season!

Read today’s blog to see how your kitchen can provide you with things to do as a family—whether it’s raining outside or you’re simply fresh out of ideas. Take a look!

Try a new recipe

One of the easiest ways to have fun in the kitchen this summer is to try out a new recipe! Pick something you’ve been wanting to try that the whole crew can get involved with, like a simple batch of chocolate chip cookies or maybe homemade chicken tenders. Even if they’re not handling knives or raw meat, kids can learn a lot from observing and carrying out other tasks (cleaning the workspace, stirring mixes together, rolling dough, etc.). Take a look in your pantry and see what you have on hand—a fun new recipe might just be the best way to turn a rainy day around!

Host at-home cooking games

Chopped. Iron Chef. We all have our favorite cooking shows, the ones that inspire us, entertain us, and—of course—make us hungry! Why not bring the fast-moving fun of your favorite cooking show to your kitchen? Kids can indulge in some healthy competition by putting together meals using a preset basket of ingredients, for example.  Or maybe they can compete to see who can make the most oddball PB&J. The parameters are up to you, but they don’t actually matter too much—the key here is that they’re having fun, getting creative, and making the most of what you already have on hand.

Funny faces

Kids are always told not to play with their food—but let’s face it. Sometimes it’s just too fun not to! For a silly way to spend the day, cook up pancakes, pizzas, or other dishes that can be turned into foodie faces using additional ingredients like pepperoni, fruits, etc.

Food stations

Who doesn’t love to create their own custom meal? For a fresh spin on your everyday lunch routine, set out an array of ingredients to choose from to create a taco or pizza station, or even an ice cream sundae bar with all the fixings served up in jars and measuring cups.

Ingredient fun

The last item on our list doesn’t involve food at all—at least, not in the edible sense! Creative kids can turn a fridge or pantry full of ingredients into a laboratory of sorts, where they can try their hands at inventions like dish soap slime, or baking soda paints they can color with. You’ll of course want to stick around and make sure things don’t get too messy—but that, too, is sometimes just part of the fun.

If you have other at-home activities you swear by, we’d love to hear them below! We hope that today’s blog gives you a few easy ways to turn ordinary summer days into something truly special.

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