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Brain Foods for Back to School

Sun, Aug 06, 2017 at 5:10PM

Brain Foods for Back to School

Who knew that the very best school supplies could be found in the produce aisle?

As you and your family gear up for the back-to-school season ahead, don’t forget to pick up the fruits, veggies, and other “brain food” that can help you power through projects or that all-too-familiar midday slump.

Take a look at today’s blog to see some of our favorite brain food picks!


Whether it’s smeared on toast or mashed into a rich guacamole, avocado delivers a healthful boost to your body and, of course, your mind. With a high amount of protein and low amount of sugar (the lowest of any fruit, to be exact) you can feel especially good about enjoying avocado regularly. Folate and Vitamin K help keep your brain running like a well-oiled machine, ensuring that the food is as tasty as it is good for you.

At Peach Valley, there’s no better way to enjoy the delicious benefits of avocado than on our Protein Packed Avocado Toast where this fruit takes the center stage. You’ll also find avocado in several of our Veggie Wrap, Chopped Cobb Salad, and Valley Fiesta!


Popeye the Sailor is a famous advocate for the physical benefits of spinach… but we can’t forget about the mental ones, too! This is another pick that’s packed with folate, as well as Vitamin B6 which can help improve your memory (a natural benefit for long days at school or work!). Find spinach in Peach Valley picks like our Blackened Chicken Pasta, Veggie Wrap, and several of our satisfying omelets.


Looking for a reason to enjoy our Blueberry Pancakes or a tasty muffin? Look no further—the blueberry, while delicious, also happens to be packed with nutrients. Gallic acid in particular helps the blueberries keep your brain young with better memory and cognitive function.


One of the most popular fish to eat also happens to be one of the healthiest to enjoy! Snack on a Smoked Salmon & New York Style Bagel, or top off a salad with blackened salmon, to enjoy the fish’s DHA, a fatty acid that fortifies your brain and, once again, helps to boost your memory.

The best part? These foods aren’t just for kids heading back to school. They can help boost energy and creativity for just about anyone who needs it—including you!

At Peach Valley, we're passionate about serving fresh, home style meals you and your family will love. Experience the freshness today! Find a Location near you and be sure to Sign Up for our E-Club for news, updates and special offers.










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