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Brunch with a Burger: Peach Valley’s Top Picks

Thu, May 24, 2018 at 10:41AM

Brunch with a Burger: Peach Valley’s Top Picks

Ah, brunch. It’s the no-rules meal. You can start your day late and order traditional breakfast fare or, maybe, something from the other side of 12 o’ clock… like, maybe, a hearty burger.

As we wind into the summer months, laidback meals, like Sunday brunches with friends, are even easier to enjoy. And when you do, we’ve got you covered—just read on for our favorite Peach Valley burger picks to pair with your meal.

Why a burger?

While brunch is a laidback meal, by definition, you might still find yourself trying to justify a burger as your first meal of the day. Don’t worry… we can help with that!

For starters, burgers fill you up. Whether you’re still waking up after a night on the town, or have a day filled with weekend activities to enjoy, that might be something you want from your first meal of the day.

And then there’s the “fun” element of chowing down on a burger for breakfast. It’s a special activity, one you might not get to enjoy all week long but is worth indulging in on your day off—a weekend ritual as important as movie marathons or lazy days by the pool.

Of course, sometimes, the best answer to the question “why a burger?” is another question in itself—why not?

The breakfast-on-a-bun…

If you love breakfast flavors, but simply want a new way to mix them all together on your plate, there’s a burger for that: Peach Valley’s Sequoia Burger. With ingredients, like caramelized onions, sautéed mushrooms, hardwood smoked bacon and melty provolone cheese, it sounds almost like the makings of a hearty breakfast omelet! In this case, you’re simply swapping the egg for a bun and some hearty choice ground sirloin.

The delicious griddle treat…

A great many delicious breakfasts start on the griddle—everything from home fries to pancakes to eggs to sausage and bacon. What’s one more? The Classic Patty Melt is one of our favorite picks for a burger-turned-brunch-dish, since it stems from this classic mode of breakfast preparation and delivers much of the same flavor and texture. We start with our fresh, hand-packed half pound choice ground sirloin—the same star of the burgers on our menu—but prepare it on a griddled rye bread in lieu of a traditional bun. The result? A gooey, melty treat, oozing with American cheese and sizzling caramelized onions that you’ll want to dig right into.

The wildcard…

For classic burger lovers, you can’t go wrong with our Char-Grilled Burger, a tasty medley of ground sirloin, lettuce, tomato, and onion on a warm Brioche bun. Add a cheese of your choice to make it all your own! While the classic burger might seem like a wildcard on the breakfast table, it’s sure to fill you up and help you get your day started on the right foot.

No matter your brunch style, there’s a burger dish worth digging into here at Peach Valley! Come on in and find your favorite soon.

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