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Brunch with a Side of Greek Goodness

Fri, Jan 24, 2020 at 2:10PM

Brunch with a Side of Greek Goodness

Dreaming about a Greek getaway? The Mediterranean gem features idyllic vistas, one-of-a-kind culture and some of the world’s most influential cuisine–but fortunately, you don’t have to travel far to enjoy its famous flavors! In fact, your local Peach Valley is a delicious place to start.

Read on and dig in as we explore some of our favorite Greek-inspired menu picks, each delivering a dose of Mediterranean mmm in every bite.

Greek Omelet

Like its name might suggest, our Greek Omelet is a delicious way to dig into the flavors of the Mediterranean—but what makes our Greek Omelet, Greek?

It starts with feta cheese, one of the most famous exports of Greek cuisine—and a personal favorite of ours! Its tangy flavor and unique texture makes it an effortless mix-in to salads, omelets and wraps, and has been a part of Greek culture and cuisine for about as long as we’ve been eating food and writing stories. In fact, feta cheese is so deeply ingrained in Greek culture that part of Homer’s Odyssey is devoted to describing its production from sheep’s milk!

We complete our Greek Omelet with baby spinach and roasted red peppers, two fresh ingredients that feel at home among the leafy, colorful components of Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. For foodies with a love of healthy, international eats, our Greek Omelet provides a delicious start to your day.

Mediterranean Salad

When lunchtime rolls around, you can’t beat a colorful, refreshing salad—especially when it delivers a dose of Mediterranean goodness in every forkful!

Just like something you’d find served up on a breezy Grecian isle, our Mediterranean Salad features a colorful medley of regional favorites like feta cheese, cucumbers and Kalamata olives—named for the city of Kalamata in the Southern Peloponnese, famous for its beautiful turquoise bays and dreamy beaches nestled among coastal hills.

Even the very idea of a salad likely stems from the Greeks, who helped introduce the practice of mixed greens, veggies and dressing to other parts of Europe. Our Mediterranean Salad is a delicious way to dive into the “Mediterranean diet,” a cuisine characterized by fresh veggies and lean meats (you can even add chicken, salmon or shrimp to your salad!) known for its heart-healthy attributes.

Mediterranean Veg Wrap

Looking for another delicious way to get a dose of veggie goodness? Our Mediterranean Veg Wrap can’t be beat! Enjoy colorful favorites like baby spinach, cucumber, kalamata olives and feta cheese, all wrapped together in a flour tortilla with roasted red pepper hummus for the ultimate infusion of Greek goodness.

Ready to embark upon your culinary tour of the Mediterranean? Your local Peach Valley Café has you covered! Swing by and savor Greek goodness on your next brunch adventure.

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