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Catch a Summer Sunrise with Peach Valley Café

Thu, Aug 20, 2020 at 10:42PM

Catch a Summer Sunrise with Peach Valley Café

Summer may soon turn to fall—but our beautiful balmy temps and sunshine aren’t going anywhere! Why not enjoy the beautiful weather with a sunrise, paired with your Peach Valley favorites and some quality company? Just read on for help planning the perfect start to your day.

Spring into an early start

We all love a beautiful sunrise—but may not love getting up before dawn to see it! Equip yourself for success by getting plenty of rest, and laying out your clothes and gear for the day the night before. Plus, you can swing by your local Peach Valley Café on your way out to pick up your favorite coffee-to-go, like our Caffe Latte or Café Iced Caramel Latte for something sweet.

Dig in with a delicious breakfast

Of course, you will want to pair your coffee with a hearty start to your day! Take out an order of Peach Valley favorites like Pancakes, French Toast and Chicken & Waffles—or perhaps our aptly named Sunup Sampling for a taste of it all—for the ultimate sunrise sustenance.

Pick the perfect spot

Depending on your backyard and patio setup, you may be able to watch the sunrise from your very own home! Or, head to the local beach or riverfront for a scenic start to your day. Quieter stretches of shoreline, like the ones you’ll find in Ormond Beach, offer a great way to space out from other sunrise spectators (if there are any) as you unwind with food and family by your side.

Bring your furry friend

Many dog owners know that Fido is all too excited to get an early start to the day—even if you’d rather sleep in! But today, as you plan to head out and enjoy the sunrise, you can bring your pup along for the fun. Hang out in the backyard, have a sunrise stroll or head to a pet-friendly destination like Smyrna Dunes Park which opens at 6 a.m. for your perfectly planned sunrise! Afterward, you can stick around and toss frisbee with Fido or let him splash about the shore for a truly fun-filled day.

Snap some magical photography

We get two “golden hours” a day, one right before sunrise and right after sunset. This glowing time of day is characterized by warm, soft light that lends itself to beautiful photography—so be sure to take advantage of your early start and snap some pictures of your family, food arranged just right, and, of course, the beautiful sunrise at hand.

Florida is home to an abundance of sun-kissed landscapes to explore, so pick one for the perfect sunrise outing and enjoy! We’re here to provide all the flavorful fuel you need to get your day off to a sunny start.

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