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Celebrate International Bacon Day at Peach Valley Café and Beyond

Tue, Aug 20, 2019 at 12:05PM

Celebrate International Bacon Day at Peach Valley Café and Beyond

Happy International Bacon Day! On August 31st, we’re celebrating this versatile go-to the best way we know how–by digging right in. Just read on as we share a few of our favorite ways to incorporate bacon into your meal, this August and all year long.

Enjoy on your sandwich

Bacon seems to make everything better, and sandwiches are no exception—in fact, the shape of a bacon strip is ready-made for everything from burgers to BLTs and beyond. At Peach Valley, we’ve got you covered with bacon on favorites like our Pine Grove Chicken Sandwich and Club Croissant, and you can also add it to just about any dish for some extra flavor and texture!

At home, don’t be afraid to mix things up and get experimental. We’ve seen it all, including easy PBB&Js—a.k.a., peanut butter, bacon and jelly sandwiches! There’s no limit to the ways bacon can enhance the sandwich experience.

or sprinkled on a salad

Bacon pieces make for an excellent addition to salads, too! Salads should be a varied medley of flavors and textures, and bacon is a great way to enjoy some added crunch and smoky flavor against the backdrop of fresh veggies and other mix-ins. When you’re craving bacon but still want a lighter meal, opt for our classic Chopped Cobb Salad!

Start off your day the hearty way

Bacon perhaps feels most at home at the breakfast table, where it pairs perfectly with a plate of eggs or in your go-to dish, like our Valley Omelet.

Expand your horizons

This is International Bacon Day we’re talking about here, so expand your horizons and try bacon from another country! Canadian bacon, a.k.a. back bacon, is a delicious dish with a ham-like flavor that adds flair to your breakfast experience. Enjoy it on our Traditional Eggs Benedict for a truly satisfying start to your day. (In honor of International Bacon Day, it’s also fun to learn facts about other countries’ bacon habits! Foodies in the United Kingdom and Ireland, for example, enjoy thinly sliced bacon, there known as “rashers.” You might find it alongside back bacon, or Irish bacon, as part of the traditional full breakfast in this corner of the world!)

Sweeten up a strip

Even through its salty flavor, there’s a touch of sweetness to enjoy with every strip of bacon! The balancing act invites us to pair bacon with less traditional dishes, like Chocolate Chip Pancakes (much like chocolate and pretzels, chocolate and bacon work deliciously together) or sprinkled atop a rich French Toast. Here, warm syrup is sure to liven up your bacon experience even further.

Sprinkle bacon on your fries

A side of fries plus a side of bacon equals a match made in foodie heaven! Sprinkle your strips atop a plate of fries for a shareable snack your friends and family are sure to love.

Enjoy bacon breakfast “muffins” at home

Craving bacon-y goodness at home? Stir up a mixture of bacon, eggs, spinach, cheese, tomatoes (and whatever other mix-ins you may crave) and pour that mixture into a muffin pan. Find a recipe online to cook it to perfection, and you’ve got a savory spin on breakfast muffins that are perfect for fueling your day.

What’s your favorite way to enjoy bacon? Be sure to let us know! And, of course, come in to enjoy a strip or two on your next Peach Valley outing.

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