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Celebrate National Fritters Day

Wed, Nov 25, 2020 at 10:25AM

Celebrate National Fritters Day

Fried perfection, bite after bite - it's no wonder an entire day is dedicated to celebrating fritters! In honor of National Fritters Day on Dec. 2, read on and see what makes this snackable treat so special.

Effortless sharing (or not)

Like so many of our favorite comfort food go-tos, fritters are easy to share with the whole family (but when you want to go solo, they're just as delicious for one!). They make for a truly versatile snack, as "fritter" can be used to describe virtually anything that's been battered and fried, creations both savory and - our personal favorite - sweet, such as our Orchard Fresh Apple Fritters. Plus, thanks to its wholesome flavor, his beloved dish performs double duty as a dessert and delightful brunch side.

Sharing can be tough with a dish this delicious! Be sure to let your friends know that they can receive a complimentary serving of Fritters just by joining our Peach Valley e-club.

A fall favorite

Something about apple-y goodness, brown sugar and golden brown batter can't help but feel right at home during fall! Pair your perfect Florida fall day - crisp, blue-skied and full of adventure - with a serving of our warm, feel-good Fritters to fuel the excursion ahead.

... and a sweet way to dig in

Here at Peach Valley, our Orchard Fresh Apple Fritters are prepared with fresh Granny Smith apples and a homemade batter - tossed tableside in a cinnamon sugar blend and served with brown sugar-scented strawberry yogurt for a sweet, flavorful flourish you're sure to love! Swing by your local Peach Valley and enjoy this delicious treat and so many more, on National Fritters Day and all year long.


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