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Celebrating Better Breakfast Month at Peach Valley Café

Sun, Sep 10, 2017 at 2:40PM

Celebrating Better Breakfast Month at Peach Valley Café

Ah, breakfast. It’s the most important meal of the day—but are you enjoying it as much as possible?

If not, let’s change that! In honor of Better Breakfast Month this September, we’re sharing a few easy ways to get more out of your meal. Take a look!

Create a routine you can stick to

Did you know that people who eat breakfast every day tend to maintain a healthier weight than those who don’t? It’s just one of the many benefits of a good breakfast routine—but to make one, you have to be able to follow it!

Don’t feel the need to set unrealistic goals for yourself when it comes to breakfast, the time of the day when you’re most likely to hit “snooze” and roll back into bed. You don’t need to get up at the crack of dawn, or drink raw eggs like Rocky! Instead, create a routine you’re happy to stick to. Maybe that means grabbing breakfast and coffee on your way to work or meeting up with a friend to enjoy your favorite morning eats.

Prepare the night before

One more way to ensure that you follow that routine? Make it easy for yourself, and prepare the night before. In addition to other time-savers (like laying out the next day’s outfit, or putting your work bag near the door), planning out your breakfast can be a great move for efficiency. If you’re having breakfast at home, put out your coffee mug and set up a saucepan for your morning oatmeal, so you just need to roll out of bed and turn on the stove when you’re up. When it comes to planning breakfast for the whole family, portioning out individual containers of cereal, fruit, etc. can help make the process a simpler one.

Switch it up

If you love variety, you won’t mind switching up your breakfast routine from time to time! Whether it’s visiting a new Peach Valley location, switching up your order, or trying out a new coffee, small changes can make all the difference in making breakfast more exciting.

Turn off the tech

While it’s tempting to use breakfast a sort of planning period for the rest of your day, you might benefit from a less stressful experience—one where you aren’t checking emails or finishing up tasks from the night before. Instead, opt for relaxing alternatives like reading a good book, people watching, or chatting with friends or family!

Sweeten up your day

Breakfast is a great opportunity to “sweeten” up your day… literally! From time to time, don’t be afraid to indulge in sweeter fare like our Chocolate Chip Pancakes or a Seasonal Fruit Bowl. Each is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth and perk you up for the day ahead.

The right breakfast can fuel you up and kickstart your day… before it even starts! We hope that today’s blog helps you get more out of the day’s most important meal.

At Peach Valley, we're passionate about serving fresh, home-style meals you and your family will love. Experience the freshness today! Find a Location near you and be sure to Sign Up for our E-Club for news, updates and special offers.








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