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Celebrating National Waffle Day

Wed, Aug 24, 2016 at 6:45PM

Celebrating National Waffle Day

Did you know that August 24th is National Waffle Day? We love having an excuse to enjoy our favorite, fluffy breakfast staple, and this holiday marks an important date in history for all waffle lovers. In today’s blog, we will be looking at the origins of National Waffle Day—as well as a few fun ways you can celebrate!

The beginning of a key invention

What makes August 24th so special to waffle lovers? It’s the de-facto birthday of a key invention, the waffle iron! On this day in 1869, Cornelius Swartwout was granted a patent for his “Improvement in Waffle Irons,” which established the guidelines for the irons we know and use today. These guidelines included the open-and-close mechanism of waffle irons, how they could swivel on a hinge, and allowed the user to cook waffles on a stovetop.

Later on, of course, chefs and devout waffle lovers would simply plug in their iron, add the batter, close and flip—but this early invention started it all before electricity ran through our homes with ease.

How to celebrate

Are you looking for ways to celebrate this fun holiday? Gather your family, friends and fellow waffle fans and try one of these fun activities:

  • Waffle-based breakfast party: Host a fun breakfast or brunch get-together with loved ones. Make the “star of the show” a handy waffle bar, where guests can mix in their own ingredients and prepare personalized waffles. Simply set up a prep area with bowls or jars of popular mix-ins (like fruits, nuts, candies and more) then have your guests mix their batter and cook their waffle. Once it’s done, they can top it off with whipped cream, syrup, sprinkles and more. You can even create waffles with funny faces—be sure to take lots of photos, and have fun!
  • Enjoy breakfast or brunch here at Peach Valley Café. We have two waffle dishes that are sure to please: our Belgian Waffle—a sweet, rich and thick waffle topped with powdered sugar, syrup and the toppings of your choice—or our Chicken & Waffles dish, Belgian waffles served with blueberry butter, zesty Cajun syrup, and our famous fried chicken. Both are delicious, satisfying meals you will want to try again and again.

Has today’s blog left you feeling inspired to enjoy a delicious waffle yourself? Get creative in the kitchen, or come stop by for breakfast at Peach Valley—we look forward to seeing you soon!

At Peach Valley, we’re passionate about serving fresh, home style meals you and your family will love. Experience the freshness today! Find a Location near you and be sure to Sign Up for our E-Club for news, updates and special offers.

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