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Celebrating Our Neighbors This September

Fri, Sep 01, 2017 at 2:40PM

Celebrating Our Neighbors This September

Where would we be without our neighbors?

At Peach Valley Café, we know the importance of good neighbors in building a healthy, thriving community. On National Good Neighbor Day, September 28th, we’re celebrating them with a look at those qualities that make a good neighbor, great! Take a look.

They keep you informed…

No one likes to be out of the loop. When it comes to everything from neighborhood updates to happy occasions, a good neighbor is the first to let you know so that you can stay informed.

… and always lend a hand

One of the most common exchanges between neighbors is the endless swapping of tools, lawn equipment, and even kitchen ingredients… and for good reason! If you don’t have something, whether it be a screwdriver or a cup of sugar, there’s a good chance your neighbor just might. And they know that you’ll be there to do the same. Lending a hand in small (but meaningful) circumstances like these is what being a good neighbor is all about!

They welcomed you to the community

Think back to the day you moved in. If you’ve got a good neighbor today, they probably welcomed you to the community with anything as elaborate as a goodie basket or as simple as a warm “hello.” That sense of welcoming probably didn’t stop on move-in day, either. Good neighbors are always there to say hi or look out for your house while you’re off on vacation, and to usher you back home when you return.

They care about shared spaces

Property lines aside, a good neighbor knows that beautifully shared spaces benefit the entire community. Whether they help with mowing the lawn or devote their time to a community garden, it’s nice to have people like this on your team!

They have a fun side, too!

Of course, good neighbors like to indulge in fun with the whole community! Maybe they’re known for gifting the street with holiday cookies, or for planning the annual summer block party. Either way, they know a happy neighborhood starts with happy people—and these fun activities are some of the best ways to keep up spirits.

Have a good neighbor you’d like to say “thanks” to? Surprise them with a Peach Valley gift card or, better yet, treat them to lunch this Good Neighbor Day! It’s the easiest way to show how much you care.

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