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Celebrating Sister Cities: The Foods That Connect Us All

Wed, Feb 07, 2018 at 9:00AM

Celebrating Sister Cities: The Foods That Connect Us All

This February, we’re celebrating our siblings… from across the globe!

Sister cities offer a way for two geographically distinct spots to share in a common goal, understanding, and celebration of each other’s culture.

With locations all across Central Florida, Peach Valley is proud to have a number of sister cities around the globe. Orlando itself has nearly ten!

Read on as we explore a few of Orlando’s sister cities… as well as the delicious culinary connections we share.

Urayasu, Japan

One of Orlando’s sister cities is Urayasu, Japan. As the home of Tokyo Disneyland, it’s a city that embraces the same fun-loving culture we do here in Orlando. It also lives up to the long-established tradition of delicious cuisine that Japan has so famously cultivated throughout the years.

Though Japan’s most famous export is probably sushi, it also lays claim to a number of culinary contributions. Without Japan, for example, we wouldn’t have teriyaki, a delicious cooking method characterized by grilled foods coated in soy sauce, sugar and mirin—a rice wine.

The word “teriyaki” actually comes from Japanese “teri,” which describes the saucy shine, and “yaki,” which describes the grilling or broiling method used to whip up delicious teriyaki dishes.

The end result is familiar and delightfully balanced: a bit sweet, but salty and grounded, never too overpowering. You can find Japanese culinary influence on the Peach Valley menu in the form of our Teriyaki Chicken Salad or Wrap, two dishes that pair char-grilled chicken with teriyaki’s famous flavoring for a fusion of tastes and textures you’re sure to love.

Monterrey, Mexico

Another sister city, Monterrey, Mexico, is known for its beautiful mountain views and abundance of attractions, like Museum of Mexican History and the Palacio del Obispado, an 18th-century palace.

Of course, Monterrey is also seeped in a rich cultural cuisine, one that first got its start in Spain before taking on a local flavor all its own. Mexican food heavily features corn—locally known as maize, the ultra-versatile crop that was first domesticated there many years ago. Many of the country’s flavors are also noted for their spicy “kick,” a firmly-rooted feature of both Mexican and Southwest-inspired “Tex-Mex” cuisine.

Several Peach Valley dishes make use of that subtle kick. You’ll find pico de gallo and a black bean corn salsa garnishing our Santa Fe Chicken Salad and Wrap, for example, while another Mexican mainstay—chorizo, a dish carried over from Spain—stars in our Valley Fiesta and Boss Hog Biscuit Love.

Seine-et-Marne, France

France is, of course, a place inextricably linked to its cuisine—with some of the most famous mainstays including wines, cheeses and breads.

Located in the northern part of the country, Orlando’s sister city Seine-et-Marne is known for its proximity to Paris’ Disneyland parks (another link between our two cities), as well as an abundance of farmland that makes it a key agricultural player.

Many delicious flavors are derived from Seine-et-Marne and the surrounding region. The modern-day department encompasses the historic region of Brie, for example, from which we get the famously creamy Brie cheese. (You can find Brie on Peach Valley’s Café Croissant, a warm, flaky breakfast pick that pairs classic French flavors with scrambled eggs and ham.) Hollandaise, one of the five French “mother sauces,” is another fixture of our menu, featured in our Egg Benedict dishes as well as the hearty Smoked Pork Chop Benny.

Start sketching out your itinerary to visit these one-of-a-kind global destinations—and, in the meantime, dig into the dishes they inspired! With two locations here in Orlando and several more across Central Florida, there’s sure to be a Peach Valley Café right around your corner.

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