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Celebrating the Amazing Avocado

Fri, Jul 27, 2018 at 10:00AM

Celebrating the Amazing Avocado

Ah, the avocado. These days, you can’t go far without seeing the creamy green fruit on your menu, by way of a zesty guacamole or hearty toast spread… and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

There’s a reason avocados are so abundant in modern cuisine—they taste downright delicious! But a favored flavor isn’t the only thing the avocado has going for itself. From a wealth of nutrition benefits to a quirky horticultural history, this is a fruit that truly deserves a day of its own.

July 31st, or National Avocado Day, offers just the solution. As we celebrate the big day, brush up on your avocado trivia as well as a few choice ways to enjoy avocado flavors, at home and right here at Peach Valley! Just read on for more.

A relic of prehistory

You don’t need to visit a museum to see prehistoric plants in person—just take a trip to your nearest farmer’s market or grocery store. The avocado is about as old as they come!

As it turns out, the avocado’s large, solid seed offers a clue to its prehistoric past. Millions of years back, into the start of the Cenozoic Era, the dinosaurs may have been gone—but other large animals, including mammoths, elephant-like gomphotheres and even giant ground sloths, were still alive and thriving. These enormous animals were big enough to munch on avocados on the North American continent, ingesting the seed and leaving it behind on their travels. But when they, too, went the way of the dinosaur, it was up to other animals to step up. Even though they couldn’t eat the big avocado seeds, squirrels and other rodents would have been able to bury them, helping the plant survive until humans came around and developed their own taste for its unique fruit. The rest, of course, is history.

Lost in translation?

You might have heard avocados be referred to as “alligator pears” before. While the name seems to make sense—the avocado’s exterior is green, bumpy and, well, a little reminiscent of alligator skin! But as it turns out, this whimsical name is actually a case of mistranslation. The first English accounts of the avocado described it as the “avogado pear,” which, over time, was miscommunicated as alligator pear. We don’t mind the mistake, of course—it’s a pretty cool name as far as fruits go!

Oh, what an avocado can do…

One of the biggest benefits of enjoying an avocado—delicious, creamy taste aside—is just how nutritionally versatile the fruit really is. It boasts more potassium than a banana, lots of the “good fat” you hear about (like the sort that’s found in heart-healthy olive oil), fiber content and many more benefits that make the avocado a fruit truly worthy of the title “superfood.”

It’s no wonder the avocado has worked its way into the cultural mainstream. There are avocado t-shirts, earrings, greeting cards and even salt-and-pepper shakers. Overall, it’s a pretty great time to wear your avocado affinity with pride!

Our favorite ways to enjoy

We’re constantly finding new ways to enjoy avocado, at home and while dining out. In the kitchen, some great options include avocado fries—wedges cut from avocados, then fried or baked to crispy perfection—or even a bright, flavorful hummus, for which the creamy texture of avocado is a great match.

Here at Peach Valley, you can enjoy avocado as a mix-in ingredient on your Valley Fiesta, Veggie Wrap or Chopped Cobb Salad… or as the star of the show in its own Protein Packed Avocado Toast! This hearty dish pairs chunky avocado with multigrain toast and a black bean-EVOO spread, rounded out with eggs and tomato—fueling you up for the day ahead in delicious fashion.

Have we piqued your penchant for avocados? Satisfy your cravings and enjoy one of your favorite avocado dishes here at Peach Valley, or wow your friends and family with your newfound knowledge. Either way, this is sure to be one delicious day…

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