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Cheers to a Bright and Bubbly Summer

Mon, Jun 18, 2018 at 12:05PM

Cheers to a Bright and Bubbly Summer

We’re saying “cheers” to summer—to fresh flavors, sunny days and the plans made over weekend brunches that turn into our fondest memories.

If you’re looking for the perfect brunch drink to cheers with, we’ve got you covered. Take a look below as we highlight our favorite Peach Valley picks—perfect for birthday parties, lunches with friends and every “just-because” occasion in between.


When you think “brunch,” your mind might just jump to this classic concoction—one of the most famous and time-honored traditions of brunch fare. A delightfully tangy medley of orange juice and sparkling wine, the mimosa was likely created in 1920s France, at the historic Hôtel Ritz Paris. Perhaps owing to those refined roots, the mimosa has long since been associated with leisure and luxury, a top choice at daytime events, weddings and other important gatherings. Of course, you don’t need a reason to indulge in the mimosa’s bright, bubbly taste—it’s sure to please at just about any meal with friends, while the addition of OJ makes it easy to enjoy with breakfast and brunch fare.

Sparkling Rosé Sangria

We took some inspiration from the lush landscape of Spain for this newest addition to our brunch drink lineup. If you love wine with dinner, this is the perfect breakfast counterpart—a pleasantly bright and bubbly drink anchored by sparkling rosé, made with grapes and strawberries for a fruity infusion that can’t be beat. It’s a sweet drink that can be enjoyed at brunch or beyond, one that’s sure to cool you down and invite you to kick back and relax.

Peach Bellini

At Peach Valley, we naturally love peaches—the bright, sweet flavor can’t help but say “summertime,” and that’s exactly what makes the Peach Bellini such an apropos treat. We pair peaches and Prosecco for this sweet drink, whose name stems from its Italian roots—the drink’s creator, Giuseppe Cipriani of Harry’s Bar in Venice, noted that its peachy-pink coloring was similar to a hue found in a 15th-century Giovanni Bellini painting.

We think of art when we see the Bellini, too—because the drink itself is a masterpiece of simplicity. Who would have thought that the sweet, subtle flavor of peaches could lend itself to one of our all-time favorite brunch drinks?

Sparkling Wine

Simple yet endlessly sophisticated, our Sparkling Wine can be paired with just about any brunch option for an effortless medley of flavor. It’s got the same foundation you love from our aforementioned drinks—that bubbly base that lends an effervescent feel to your meal. That carbonation bounces off nicely against milder dishes such as eggs, helping to bring out delicate flavors with its inherent acidity. The result? A fully fleshed-out experience.

Bloody Mary

Last but certainly not least on our list is the Bloody Mary, another classic brunch drink noted for its savory appeal. With a vodka and tomato juice base, its spices create a salty, spicy taste—a hearty flavor that, perhaps surprisingly, pairs well with many breakfast food classics. If you grew up loving grilled cheese and tomato soup, why not try a grown-up take on that classic combo? A warm, gooey Patty Melt with a savory Bloody Mary can’t go wrong.

What’s your favorite brunch drink? Come on in and enjoy it soon—the perfect complement to a truly bright and bubbly summer.

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