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Cheese Please!

Tue, Apr 18, 2017 at 11:11AM

Cheese Please!

American cuisine wouldn't be much without cheese--it complements dishes both sweet and savory, light and hearty, breakfast and dinner. 

It's the underdog of the kitchen table, the thing we often take for granted but could never quite live without. But for how much rely on cheese of all types, how much do we really know about the cubes, shreds, and slices we enjoy every day?

Take a look below for a quick, handy guide to a few of the most basic types, and what makes each unique.


Its name deriving from the British village of Cheddar, this cheese is hard, crumbly, and often sharp-leaning--though of course, milder varieties are made and packaged for wide consumer appeal! One of the world's most popular cheeses, its versatility and agreeable flavor means that it can be used with ease in everything from omelets to salads to delicious, creamy pasta. Vermont or white cheddar is known for its lack of bright yellow or orange pigment: a result of the addition of Annatto, a natural colorant whose subtle flavor notes produce the cheddar cheese we're most familiar with.

At Peach Valley: Enjoy cheddar cheese sprinkled onto our Chopped Cobb Salad, Peach Valley Picker's Skillet, or Country Fried Steak Benedict. You can also mix it into your omelet!


The go-to cheese choice for many sandwiches and fruit platters, Swiss cheese is noted for its sweet, mild flavor--and, of course, the distinctive holes that dot every slice. These are the result of carbon dioxide bubbles formed by the propionibacteria used to make the cheese--but science aside, the cheese's "eyes" have long made it a favorite of kids and culinary connoisseurs alike, who favor the unique texture.

At Peach Valley: In addition to enjoying Swiss cheese in your omelets, you can get a taste of it alongside sugar cured ham on the Club Croissant, or--most notably--on one of our three Reuben sandwiches: corned beef, turkey or blackened fish!


Unlike its counterparts like Swiss or cheddar, feta cheese is distinct in its soft and creamy texture. The Greek cheese of choice, feta was first made by blending sheep and goat's milk (though modern varieties can be made using other types!). While you'll find this unique cheese on pizzas or even a plate of pasta, it's most popular use is simple: a topping for delicious Greek salads.

At Peach Valley: We've stuck to tradition in our Greek Omelet by pairing feta cheese with the flavors it's known to work best with: baby spinach and, of course, roasted red peppers, for a Mediterranean fusion of flavors that's sure to wake up your taste buds.

At Peach Valley, we're passionate about serving fresh, home style meals you and your family will love. Experience the freshness today! Find a Location near you and be sure to Sign Up for our E-Club for news, updates and special offers.

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