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Cool Down with Sweet Summer Desserts

Tue, Jul 23, 2019 at 6:00PM

Cool Down with Sweet Summer Desserts

When summer’s heat collides with a serious sweet tooth, it’s time to cool down with refreshing desserts! Whether you’re relaxing at home or enjoying a meal out at Peach Valley, we’ve got you covered with cool, flavorful favorites to enjoy. Take a look to learn more.

Complement a warm favorite with cool, creamy yogurt

Craving something cool to beat the summer heat? Even warm, cozy favorites like our Orchard Fresh Apple Fritters are refreshing when paired with our brown sugar-scented strawberry yogurt, which provides a cool, creamy counterpart to the fritters’ decadent texture. You can even enjoy your fritters alongside a fresh serving of fruit!

Entertaining at home? Here’s a sweet tip—pick up our Orchard Fresh Apple Fritters and serve them up alongside vanilla ice cream for a truly sweet summertime duo.

Add a scoop of ice cream

Ice cream, of course, pairs perfectly with just about everything! On a cozy fall day, for example, our Housemade Peach Cobbler warms you up—come summertime, though, we can add a scoop of vanilla ice cream to cool you down!

Dig into your favorite fruit

During the summertime, dessert couldn’t be simpler—in fact, nature often does most of the work for us. Even served up on its own, colorful fresh fruit provides a sweet, cool treat that’s packed with H2O, so you walk away from your meal feeling truly refreshed and reinvigorated. At Peach Valley, you can enjoy a Seasonal Fruit Bowl (filled with honeydew, cantaloupe, red seedless grapes, blueberries, strawberries and bananas) or a RWB Fruit Bowl (a tri-color combo of strawberries, bananas and blueberries) to get your fruit fix and a dose of cool relief on a warm summer day.

At home, it’s equally easy to enjoy fresh fruit. Hollowed-out coconuts and watermelon rinds can serve as picturesque serving bowls for fresh fruit and fruity purees, while a classic fruit salad is still a beloved go-to for pool parties, barbecues and brunches alike!

Sip on a drink that doubles as dessert

Who says you can’t enjoy a drink as dessert? Cool, classic fruity picks like Mimosas, Peach Bellinis and our Sparkling Rosé Sangria pair perfectly with warm summer weather, and are sweet enough to satisfy your dessert cravings after a truly satisfying brunch. You can also opt for a sweet treat like our Café Iced Caramel Coffee to round out your meal.

Enjoy DIY desserts

Craving something sweet at home? Turn to your freezer—it’s your friend when it comes to crafting cool, sweet desserts with ingredients you already have on hand. For example, you can use a popsicle mold to turn fresh-squeezed orange juice into ready-made popsicles, easy to enjoy during hot days by the pool. (You can also add yogurt and fruit bits to the same molds for a similarly sweet treat!)

Summertime is also perfect for no-bake treats like chocolate-dipped pretzels—simply cool them in the fridge for a sweet, salty and refreshing treat—or granola bars.

Craving something sweet? At home and here at Peach Valley, these sweet treats and tips will help you enjoy serious flavor and that refreshing “aah” moment all at once.

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