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Crafting Your Perfect Gingerbread House

Tue, Dec 20, 2016 at 6:36PM

Crafting Your Perfect Gingerbread House

For a holiday activity that combines sweet seasonal flavors with quality family time, you can’t beat the classic gingerbread house. This holiday dish doubles as a decoration in itself, and it’s sure to attract lots of “oohs” and “ahs”—before it’s eaten, of course!
In today’s blog, we will be sharing our best tips and tricks for achieving a perfectly delicious gingerbread house. Take a look!

Take it slow

Once you’ve baked your gingerbread, be sure to give it enough time to cool and harden so that, come assembly time, your house will be sturdy enough to stay upright. You can even put your pieces into a refrigerator to speed along the process.

Use royal icing

If you’re a newcomer to gingerbread houses, one of the most important essentials to have on hand is royal icing, an icing made with meringue powder, water, and powdered sugar. It’s distinct from other types of icings in that it dries hard and secure, so it will hold your house’s walls and roof together with ease.

Organize your goodies with ease

For an intricately-designed gingerbread house, you’re going to need lots of small goodies like candies, chocolate chips, and whatever else you have planned. Keep them all neatly organized in small baking bowls, a muffin pan, or plastic baggies so that you and your helpers know exactly where to get what you need. By using these options, cleanup of leftover ingredients will also be a breeze.

Start with structure first

The gingerbread house is no small feat, and it can be hard to know where exactly to start. It’s typically best to set up the structure of your home first before adding on the decorations, since you won’t have to deal with fragilely-placed candies or rogue bits of icing getting in your way as you try to assemble the house.

Get creative

There’s no need to play by the rules here! Use your imagination and try something new. You can use gummy bears as the occupants of your gingerbread house; add pipes of green frosting to a waffle cone to resemble a colorful tree; or use pretzel stick light posts and candy cane logs. It’s up to you!

Keep your creation safe

You probably want to enjoy the sight of your gingerbread house before devouring it—so be sure to keep it safe in a tall, dry spot, away from sneaky pets or simply curious kids who want a quick bite.

What’s your go-to gingerbread design idea? Share your own tips with us below! As you get ready to enjoy the holidays with friends and family by your side, we here at Peach Valley wish you and yours a very happy season ahead.

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