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Dinner for Breakfast: A Delicious Turning of Tables

Mon, Jun 29, 2020 at 5:21PM

Dinner for Breakfast: A Delicious Turning of Tables

For many families, breakfast for dinner is a beloved (not to mention delicious) way to mix up the weekly routine—to indulge in pancakes, bacon and other breakfast goodies long after a.m. turns to p.m. But this summer, we say take the mealtime switch a step further and try a new flavorful spin: dinner for breakfast.

What’s there to love about this fresh new take—and how can you enjoy it this summer and all year long? Just read on as we explore the delicious details!

A hearty start to your day

We know the routine. On some days, you barely have enough time to grab coffee and a granola bar as you head out the door—but on others, especially those days when you want to kick back and relax, you crave a hearty meal that lets you begin your day well-fed and fueled! On these days, you can’t go wrong with a full, protein-packed meal, even if it’s the kind of thing you might usually dig into at dinnertime. (Below, you’ll see a few of our favorite Peach Valley picks!)

A playful mix of tradition

For families of kids at home during the summer—especially since we’ve all been home for quite a while now—we know the importance of finding fun, small moments amidst our everyday routines. Having dinner for breakfast is one easy way to mix things up and make a meal more fun. You can even plan out an entire “topsy-turvy” day, starting the day with burgers and fries and ending it with a delicious waffle or plate of funny-faced pancakes.

A potentially nutritious switch

Did you know that enjoying larger, heartier meals at the start of your day might even be a healthy switch to your everyday routine? Observational studies have shown a link between eating larger morning meals (like in that old proverb, “eat breakfast like a king…”) and several markers of a healthy body.

Our favorite dinner-for-breakfast dishes…

Wondering how to enjoy the dinner-for-breakfast trend? In addition to go-to classics like Peach Valley’s Burgers (which work deliciously at brunch, lunch and beyond), here are a few of our favorite menu picks that do double duty as breakfast dishes with dinner spirit.

Steak & Eggs

Steak and mashed potatoes make for a delicious, crowd-pleasing dinner.

Steak and Eggs and breakfast potatoes make for an equally appetizing way to start your day! If you’re craving a hearty breakfast, or simply want to make the day’s first meal that much more special, our Steak & Eggs is exactly what you need. Enjoy our hand-cut, 7 oz. NY Strip, seasoned and gilled to perfection, alongside two fresh eggs cooked to order—plus breakfast potatoes or grits and your choice of buttermilk drop biscuit, English muffin or toast.

House Roasted Beef Hash Benedict

“Roast beef” is another term that sounds perfectly placed at the dinner table—but at breakfast, the hearty ingredient takes on an all-new character. Our signature breakfast potatoes, house roasted beef, peppers and onions, plus two poached eggs and fresh hollandaise sauce, combine to create the best of both worlds, breakfast and dinner, in every bite.

Peach Valley Picker’s Skillet

At dinnertime, peppers, cheese, onions, meat and other mix-ins form the fixings for a sizzling skillet of fajitas. Here at Peach Valley, you can get the same experience earlier in the day with our Peach Valley Picker’s Skillet! We’ve paired crispy breakfast potatoes with ham, cheddar cheese, red and green peppers, onions and mushrooms, topped with two fresh eggs and our homemade sausage gravy, for a hearty, memorable meal experience. Complement it with our Onion & Peach Pepper Sauce for a one-of-a-kind flourish!

Chicken & Waffles

In our book, Fried Chicken and Cajun syrup work deliciously at any time of day! Our classic Chicken & Waffles come with powdered sugar and blueberry syrup for a dash of sweetness in this savory, feel-good meal.

Whether you’re craving dinner for breakfast or a dreamy midday brunch, Peach Valley Café is here to help. Stop by for a visit or take our flavors to go soon.

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