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Discover A Half-Dozen Eggs-cellent World Records

Wed, Apr 14, 2021 at 6:26PM

Discover A Half-Dozen Eggs-cellent World Records

With Easter behind us and May – recognized as National Egg Month – ahead, there’s plenty of reasons to start celebrating this simple, humble breakfast staple! At times like these, we might like to wonder: what interesting world records have people around the globe undertaken in celebration of the amazing, incredible egg? Read on as we shell out a half-dozen of our favorite egg-related world records – and discuss how you can dig in for brunch in Gainesville and beyond!

Largest Easter Egg Hunt

While there’s plenty of egg records being set all around the world, you don’t have to extend your egg hunt further than our home state of Florida to discover the site where this record was set! In Winter Haven, Florida, on April 1st, 2007, the world’s largest Easter egg hunt was undertaken by 9,753 children participants looking for a grand total of 501,000 eggs!

Most Eggs Balanced By an Individual

We can only wish we had the same coordination and patience of Ashrita Furman, holder of the world record for most eggs balanced by an individual. Furman, who holds over 120 world records, aimed to bust the myth that balancing an egg on one end could only be achieved during the vernal equinox. He not only achieved this – but he went on to balance 888 eggs, coming in at just under 12 hours for this record.

Most Eggs Balanced on Back of Hand

If balancing an egg on a surface sounds easy enough, try balancing eggs on the back of your hand! That’s what Jack Harris did, anyway. On May 30, 2020, he balanced a grand total of 18 eggs on the back of his hand – busting a previous world record by 3 eggs.

Heaviest Chicken Egg

Think you’ve ever found a pretty big egg in your carton? The record holders might just put that to shame – look to Vineland, New Jersey, where a hen laid a 16 oz (or 1 lb) egg! Not only was the size notable – this egg also came with both a double shell and a double yolk! Seems like a lucky find to us!

Highest Egg Drop

We often think of eggshells as something fragile and delicate – but, in reality, they can be fairly strong and well-built by nature’s design! David Donoghue proved this when he dropped eggs from a helicopter at a height of 700 ft. Landing intact on a Blackpool, Lancashire, UK, golf course below, these eggs helped Donoghue set the record for highest egg drop.

Largest Omelet

How big is your appetite? If you’re feeling super hungry for breakfast, this next record might be perfect for you. The record for biggest omelet was set on August 11, 2012, when a team of 55 people crafted a 145,000-egg omelet, using 880 lbs of oil and 220 lbs of butter to create a meal weighing in at 14,222 lbs, 6 oz.

If over one hundred thousand eggs seems a bit too much for your breakfast table, swing by your local Peach Valley to enjoy a much more modest 3-egg omelet – with choices like out delicious Valley Omelet, featuring your choice of bacon, ham or sausage with choice of American, provolone, cheddar or Swiss cheese, or our Greek Omelet, including baby spinach, feta cheese and roasted red peppers. If neither of those catch your fancy, there are plenty of other omelet options and other delicious egg choices for you to enjoy!

Whether you’re looking for breakfast restaurants Gainesville Florida residents love or one of the best lunch restaurants around Ormond Beach, Peach Valley has you covered, and we’re so excited to welcome you to our table at any of our 7 locations. We’ll see you soon!

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