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Don't Go Bacon My Heart: Bacon Lovers Day Fun

Wed, Aug 15, 2018 at 9:35AM

Don't Go Bacon My Heart: Bacon Lovers Day Fun

Do you love bacon? On August 20th, a.k.a. Bacon Lovers Day, you’ll find yourself in some seriously great company!

This day is all about celebrating bacon in all its forms… in strips, with a slight crunch, alongside your morning eggs, or Canadian style, a ham-like cut served up with a true breakfast classic: Eggs Benedict.

Of course, these options are just the beginning—and every kind of bacon has more than enough “oomph” to stand alone, though it’s content sharing the spotlight, too!

In honor of Bacon Lovers Day, we’re sharing a few fun facts about this beloved breakfast meat—as well as some choice ways to enjoy it, at home or here at Peach Valley Café. Take a look.

What’s in a name?

Bacon is a food so ubiquitous in our culture—from the breakfast table to t-shirts and even scented candles—that we don’t often stop to think what it actually means. As it turns out, the word stems from the Proto-Germanic “backoz,” meaning back, which later appeared in 14th century Old French as “bacon,” referring to back meat. Incidentally, today’s Canadian bacon uses back meat, but American bacon (also known as “streaky bacon,” outside of the States) actually uses the belly. That accounts for the difference in texture between the two bacons—though it’s hard to pick a favorite!

The meaning of “meat candy”

Bacon, of course, has also been lovingly dubbed “meat candy.” This informal name is a testament to both the sheer delight of dining on bacon—it can’t help but feel like an occasion when you really dig in—as well as the sweet side of this famous dish. While you’d be hard-pressed to find chicken-flavored ice cream, for example, the smoky yet sweet flavor notes of bacon lend themselves to ice cream and even cinnamon-sugary variants. It’s the meat that can do it all.

There’s a tropical side to Canadian bacon

Though its name might suggest otherwise, Hawaiian pizza probably didn’t stem from actual Hawaii. Instead, it likely hails from Canada, where it was claimed to have been invented in the 1960s. It was originally prepared not with “traditional” ham, but with Canadian bacon, a key distinction that lends a tropical air to this beloved back bacon!

What a way to wake up

Is there any better way to wake up than to the smell of sizzling bacon on the stove? We can’t think of one! And apparently neither could the folks at Oscar Mayer. In 2014, the company released an iPhone app and, for select recipients, an attachable device that would actually emit the scent of warm bacon as it woke you up with a sizzling alarm clock!

It’s a high-flying idea, but we get it—bacon really helps us roll out of bed in the morning! Rolling from under the covers a few minutes early, and frying up some bacon, is a surefire way to wake up the whole house to great effect.

More than breakfast

While we’ve essentially assumed as much, it’s interesting to see the numbers—while we often associate bacon with breakfast, that first meal of the day only accounts for 70 percent of bacon consumption in America! The rest is eaten at lunch, dinner or snack time, the perfect complement to sandwiches (such as Peach Valley’s Pine Grove Chicken Sandwich), burgers, even high-end meals like steak and lobster.

For perfect strips, every time…

Here at Peach Valley, you can count on perfectly crisp strips of bacon (and savory servings of the Canadian version, too) every time you dine with us. But when it comes to cooking up bacon at home, how do you achieve the perfect flavor and texture?

The secret might lie in the way you cook the bacon. In lieu of the traditional stovetop method, why not cook your strips in the oven, on a foil-lined pan? This makes for easy cleanup and lets heat radiate around the bacon, cooking it somewhat slower but resulting in bacon strips that are less shrunken in the end—for many, a worthwhile trade-off. As always, be sure to select strips of bacon that suit your preference—for crispier bacon, thinner strips always win out.

Built up a bacon craving yet? Don’t worry—that’s what the big day is for! Enjoy some bacon at brunch and dig into the delicious flavors with friends and family who share that passion.

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