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Eating Fresh For 2018

Tue, Jan 02, 2018 at 9:20AM

Eating Fresh For 2018

Who said tasty food can’t be nutritious, too? When you resolve to eat fresh, you get to enjoy the best of both worlds.

In 2018, the decision to eat more fresh foods can change your lifestyle dramatically. You’ll be getting more nutrients, and more flavor out of food you buy; time in the kitchen might just become a luxury, a newfound pastime in lieu of a chore to check off your list.

Sound good to you? Read on to see how easy the fresh switch can be!

Start small

Looking for ways to eat more fresh foods? One way to do it is to start small! It’s easy to incorporate fresher flavors into your diet, especially when you do it little by little. Swap a bag of frozen veggies for ones from the produce section—or, better yet, a farm stand or market! You’ll likely notice a change in texture and flavor, and can enjoy the peace of mind that goes with knowing where your food comes from. It’s a great feeling, and you’ll find yourself making the switch more and more as time goes on.

Know what’s in season

When trying to eat fresh, knowing what’s in season can help you make smart choices at the grocery store. In a place like Florida, your favorite fruits and veggies are almost always accessible—but some times are still better than others. Guava is a year-round favorite, for example, while watermelon really shines during the late spring and early summer months. Grapefruit season is long, and is only “out” during the hottest stretch of summer. You can find more seasonal info on FreshFromFlorida.com! In no time at all, knowing what’s freshest at what time will become a sort of second-nature skill.

Make grocery shopping more fun

Who says all your shopping needs to be done at the grocery store? One of the biggest benefits of eating fresh food is that it expands your horizons, and lets you enjoy food from around the community. Florida is a treasure trove for people looking to eat fresh and explore local attractions like farm stands, farmer’s markets, and other open-air shopping opportunities. You get to buy local—which is always a good thing—and enjoy the fresher-than-ever flavors of food that hasn’t traveled far to get to you.

Of course, that isn’t even to mention the pure fun that goes along with weekend trips to the farmer’s market! Getting your fruits and veggies from an outdoor market (like the bustling one on Lake Eola’s shores) gives you and your family the chance to soak up some sun and fresh air. There are often artisanal treats and crafts to enjoy, too, and the entire experience lets you break up the “same old” routine of your weekly grocery trip.

No more guesswork

Eating fresh is simple and delicious. Why complicate things? At Peach Valley Café, you can count on fresh food on every visit—delicious ingredients that add up to a hearty meal you’re sure to love. Enjoy the fresh, vibrant flavors in our Field Fresh Veggie Burger or dig into a sweet treat—our Orchard Fresh Apple Fritters made with Granny Smith apples picked at perfection. And with every meal, fresh fruit can serve as a sweet, satisfying side. Here, fresh food is a no-fuss experience.

Looking for that perfect New Year’s resolution? Eating fresh is a goal you can stick to—and enjoy doing it, too. Whether you dine in here at Peach Valley, or start at home, it’s a switch that’s sure to make all the difference in the world.

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