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Embrace 2022 Food Trends With Peach Valley Café

Mon, Jan 10, 2022 at 5:11PM

Embrace 2022 Food Trends With Peach Valley Café

Now that 2022 is finally here, you might be craving a change of pace. ‘Tis the season to try new things and set new routines into motion — and here at Peach Valley Café, we think the right menu can fuel a delicious year to come! Here are some of the top 2022 dining trends worth watching, and how to enjoy them on your next Peach Valley outing.


In its 2022 food predictions report, The New York Times said that mushrooms would be the “ingredient of the year.” This versatile, nutritious food may just become a staple in your kitchen in the months ahead — just take a page from Peach Valley’s book! Delicious mushrooms can be found in our Peach Valley Picker’s Skillet, Western Omelet, Philly Cheese Steak, and more.

“Swicy” Bites

New words are added to the foodie lexicon every year — and according to The Times, “swicy” might be among the newfangled vocab in 2022. The word is a combination of “sweet” and “spicy,” the perfect way to describe Peach Valley entrees like our Chicken & Waffles. Topped with Cajun syrup, this brunch and breakfast fave will help you reach another level of flavor fusion.

Comfort Food

Food & Wine reports that comfort food will continue its latest popularity streak in 2022 — which isn’t that surprising! Many of us have been reaching for familiar flavors over the last two years, but the coming months might see more experimental approaches on those traditional mainstays.

Seeds Takeover

The magazine also predicts that seeds will overtake nuts as the preferred pick for healthy fat and flavor. At Peach Valley, you’ll find plenty of powerful seeds on our menu — from pumpkin seeds in our Housemade Granola, to chia in our Superfood Breakfast pudding blend.


This final trend isn’t so much about what you’ll eat in 2022, but how you’ll eat it. According to Adweek, the economic (and environmental) cost of certain food production systems might have consumers looking for more sustainable options. Even small swaps can make a big difference — from shopping local, to composting scraps, to opting for a meat-free meal even a few times a week. (Tip: Looking for plant-based options at Peach Valley Café? Try a Greek or Veggie Omelet, or perhaps a Superfood Breakfast for a colorful start to your day!)

Whether you’re embracing new trends or savoring delicious traditions, Peach Valley is here to help you enjoy it all with ease. Swing by your local Café and dig in soon!

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