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Enjoy Oatmeal Goodness This October

Sun, Oct 07, 2018 at 4:00PM

Enjoy Oatmeal Goodness This October

Hearty, wholesome and soothing to the soul, there’s a reason why oatmeal is such a beloved feature of the breakfast table.

While oats are easy to enjoy all year-round, they are especially delicious come fall—when cooler weather calls for a warm, hearty breakfast to start the day off right. In honor of National Oatmeal Day on October 24th, we’re exploring the ins and outs of oatmeal, including fun facts and some of our favorite ways to enjoy! Take a look.

An ode to oat history

Oats came quite the long way to earn their rightful spot as a breakfast table champion. Though our use of oatmeal as a breakfast food spans back thousands of years ago, to the earliest days of the British Isles—but it wasn’t a glamorous dish by any means. This was articulated by the English writer Samuel Johnson who, in a dictionary entry for “oats” in 1755, wrote that in England, oats were “generally given to horses,” but were eaten willingly by the neighboring Scots.

We think the Scots had it right all along, though. The country’s low temperatures and high relative humidity made its climate more conducive to oats than to wheat, which is why oatmeal still thrives in the region to this day, and can be found as the basis of many a local dish. (Back in their earlier days, the nation’s ancient universities even held holidays called Meal Mondays, which gave students a long weekend to head home and return with replenished oatmeal stuffs from their family farms!)

Indulging in a nutritious treat

Delighting in a hot bowl of oatmeal may feel indulgent—but in reality, it’s as good for you as it is enjoyable to eat.

For example, whole-grain oatmeal is a slow-burning carbohydrate, the kind that fills you up throughout the morning and keeps you satisfied until lunchtime rolls around. Another nutritious benefit is the protein you’ll find in every bowl, which is greater than other major grains—and even greater when you mix in milk, or pair your bowl of oatmeal with eggs or another hearty breakfast go-to. Oatmeal serves as the perfect complement to a great many dishes, thanks to its mild flavor, so you can never go wrong by working it into your routine.

Our favorite way to dig in

There’s no beating the classic oatmeal preparation. Here at Peach Valley, we keep it simple, letting the whole-grain oats do the talking, cooked to creamy perfection with milk—as well as the option of brown sugar and raisins for an extra sweet touch. This dish pairs beautifully with an abundance of breakfast entrees, but can be enjoyed just as easily on its own for a quick yet soothing meal. 

More than a bowl…

Of course, there’s more than one way to enjoy your morning oats! At Peach Valley, you can enjoy them as part of our Housemade Granola—either on its own, or sprinkled atop our Superfood Breakfast, made with chia seed and coconut milk pudding (and plenty of colorful fruits to fill you up!).

You can also try your hand at oatmeal bars right at home—they don’t have to be baked, so oatmeal-based bars and cookies make for simple treats that are friendly for a multitude of diets since you don’t need to mix in any eggs.

To fuel your day in a delicious way, you can’t beat the simple satisfaction of a bowl of oats. Try your hand at oat-based treats at home and, of course, come down to Peach Valley and enjoy a warm bowl at breakfast. We can’t wait to see you!

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