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Explore the Best Haunted Spots Around Volusia County

Wed, Oct 20, 2021 at 10:52AM

Explore the Best Haunted Spots Around Volusia County

Stopping by your favorite brunch spots in Ormond Beach or the surrounding area for a seasonal feast? There’s nothing that pairs better with autumnal flavors than a little bit of thrills and chills – and that’s why we’ve rounded up a list of our favorite legendary locations so you can create your very own impromptu Haunted Volusia Ghost Tour! While you’re getting in the mood for a delicious seasonal breakfast diner selection, plan out your adventures in search of these mysterious apparitions:

Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse

This notable, historic Ponce Inlet landmark is stepped in history – and linked to several ghostly tales! If you catch the smell of kerosene (which has not been used in the lighthouse since 1933), it just might be the ghost of assistant lighthouse keeper Joseph Davis. Another apparition is known to lurk around, opening and closing doors, and another is said to be the presence of a past lighthouse keeper’s wife.

The Plaza Resort and Spa

This Daytona Beach ocean-view hotel also has a long history. Built in 1888 as a beach getaway for Charles Ballough, it eventually expanded as a popular location for wintertime visitors after opening its doors as a hotel in 1911. Staff have mentioned the occasional strange happenings at the hotel – like doors opening and shutting. The hotel was also the site of a viral news video in which a security supervisor noticed a ghostly presence on surveillance footage.

Boot Hill Saloon

This biker bar might also home to local spirits (and not the bottled kind!). Some claim that interesting, unexplained occurrences are the doing of deceased bikers who won’t leave the bar – like a jukebox playing while unplugged, faucets turning on, and items seemingly being thrown across the bar.

Pinewood Historic Cemetery

This spooky cemetery just off Main Street is one of the oldest in Daytona Beach. As such, you can imagine it is home to plenty of local ghost stories! One such tale claims that you might meet the headless ghost of Adler Rawlings, angry at the defacement of his tomb by some teenagers.

Lillian Place

If you’ve never gone to see this Victorian home nestled just east of the Orange Avenue bridge, you’re missing a treat. At the oldest home on Daytona beachside, not only can you enjoy tea and view historic treasures – but you might just happen on a ghost, too! The most active of the apparitions to appear at Lilian Place is named Lucille, who glides through rooms wearing a white dress.

Have all these ghostly stories made you feel hungry? Stop by your favorite brunch spots! It’s time to visit Peach Valley Café for some autumnal breakfast treats! Try our seasonal Pumpkin or Harvest Pancakes – available for a limited time – or any of our other fresh, homemade breakfast diner favorites!

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