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Exploring the Peach State: An Extra-Sweet Adventure

Wed, Aug 15, 2018 at 9:20AM

Exploring the Peach State: An Extra-Sweet Adventure

This National Peach Month, we’re embarking on a trip to one of the peachiest destinations we can think of.

As it turns out, we here in Florida are just a stone-fruit’s throw away from such a destination: good-old Georgia, fondly nicknamed the Peach State for its famously juicy fruit.

Nods to this peachy reputation can be seen all across the state—from farms where the freshest fruit grows in the late-summer splendor to city streets named after the fruit… even to your change at the supermarket! Look down and see if you spot the famous state quarter, depicting the peach in all its glory.

Here is a place where you’ll come to satisfy those peachy cravings and stay for the gorgeous Southern vistas—from forests to coastal expanses—that characterize this one-of-a-kind destination.

There’s a lot to explore, and today, we’re highlighting just a few key stops. Take a look below for some itinerary inspiration! 

Harvest the heartland

One of the first stops on your Peach State trek should be to the heartland of Georgia—the stretches of land that play host to peach farms in abundance, as well as plenty of gorgeous vistas and historical sites to soak in.

One spot, in particular, Jaemor Farms in Alto, offers a bit of it all. Nestled next to the Chattahoochee Mountains, known for its hazy blue ridges and gorgeous mountainsides, this spot offers you a chance to enjoy peaches in paradise.

You can admire views of the rolling farmland—in the background, hills that fade into the distance; in the foreground, rows, and rows of peaches and other fruit to be harvested, many of which is at its peak-of-season height. Through the 25th, for example, you can bring home August Prince Freestone peaches, perfect for pickling, baking or eating right then and there (or perhaps packing for a picnic, as we’ll explore soon).

As summer finally gives way to the gradual (and beautiful) onset of fall, you can enjoy varieties like the Autumn Flame. Short-lived as its name might suggest, you might want to bite in right away. And you can! But you can also take it home to freeze or bake up in delicious, autumnal concoctions.

If you come at the right time, you’ll be able to see the transition from summer to fall right before your eyes: the Peach State becomes awash in fall foliage and the vivid orange of pumpkin patches, a seasonal tradition for locals and visitors alike. 

See the “Empire State of the South” in action

You might have heard Georgia’s nickname before—the Empire State of the South. Its bustling capital of Atlanta does that name some serious justice. The city is a center of art, culture, animal fun—take the family to see the Georgia Aquarium for proof of this—and streets you’ll stroll and be reminded of the reason you came at all: those delicious peaches.

There’s Peachtree Street, for example, a major downtown passage where you can duck in for a bite to eat, shopping and other city fun. Atlanta’s also home to the brand-new Peach Bowl sculpture, an understated homage to the state fruit and love of football—so snap a photo by it wearing your Georgia best! 

Enjoy a peachy-keen picnic

Somewhere between Atlanta and Alto—the site of Jaemor Farms—you’ll find another Georgia gem, this time in the form of Lake Lanier. The expansive freshwater escape is noted for its unique shape, with a main channel that offshoots into creeks, channels, and corners all worth exploring by boat, or even something smaller like a cozy canoe or kayak. Of course, the Caribbean-esque waters of the lake are also home to islands aplenty, and sandy shores perfect for picnicking—just pack some of your favorite sandwiches, Southern sides, and peaches for a sweet dessert.

Explore the coast

When you can’t get enough of the view, you’ll want to head south—and then east—to see even more of it. Off the historic shores of Savannah, shining island gems like Tybee or Ossabaw are worth the journey. Their dreamy, idyllic shores frame the perfect capping-off point of your Georgia adventure before heading back down south—and as you listen to the roll of the waves, or dig your toes into the sand, there’s no better refreshment than a cup of ice-cold peach tea to pair with the view.

We hope you enjoyed this virtual trek of the Peach State—from sweet delights to sunny beach days and beyond. Now, all that’s left to do is explore it for yourself! Until you do, satisfy your sweet tooth with peach treats right here at the Valley, from a bright and bubbly Peach Bellini to our beloved Housemade Peach Cobbler. It’s all ready to enjoy.

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User Comments

We loved reading your post about August being National peach month. I never knew that. I was exciting to read and it has us eager to take the adventure. Speaking of Peaches, we love Peach Valley! I think it is time for breakfast and try those delicious peach fritters and anything else that is peachy. I'm in a peachy kind of mood now!! LOL Happy Peach Day! Katy & George
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