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Florida Meets Fall Decor

Fri, Sep 07, 2018 at 1:20PM

Florida Meets Fall Decor

Cozy up—fall is here!

Well, almost. Though you might not feel that alluring autumnal chill just yet (the Sunshine State is famous for its year-round warmth, after all), there are plenty of ways you can still swing into the seasonal spirit.

One of our favorites? Adding fall flourishes and seasonal touches to your home!

Read on as we share some simple ways to do just that.

Opt for a warm, cozy glow

Even if the weather is too hot to put on a fire, you can still achieve a warm, cozy glow—a dancing light that adds an autumnal air to any space it’s used in.

You can accomplish this gentle glow with your favorite scented candles—think pumpkin, orchard apples, baked goods and more. Of course, for a no-fuss alternative, battery-powered candles in decorative votive holders work just as well!

Introduce natural elements

One of the most telling signs of fall is, naturally, the changing scenery outdoors. Air cools and leaves fall—though not before taking on striking red, orange and yellow hues that warm up the landscape.

To get a sense of fall in your home, work with these natural elements! Leaves in Florida may still be lush and green, but fake leaves do the trick for decorative arts-and-crafts projects. For an effortless autumn centerpiece, you can also fill a clear glass bowl with signs of the season, such as pine cones.

Consider a change of shade

Just as the leaves outside change color, so can your interior space! If your love of fall décor overlaps with your craving for a visual change, why not add a warm burst of orange, red or golden yellow to an accent wall in your space? Or, for something a little less long-term, switch out your pillows for cozy seasonal varieties: warm off-white and seasonal hues that can’t help but say “fall” every time you sink into the sofa.

“Throw” something together

Speaking of sofas… don’t forget to deck yours out in cozy touches! Since this season is all about warmth, you can’t go wrong adding layers of throw blankets in varying textures to your furniture. The layered effect is warm and cozy, the way the season should be.

Craft a festive fall kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home! It’s an idea we embrace here at Peach Valley, helping guests feel right at home with comforting flavors (including lots of delicious fall goodies…). You can incorporate the same cozy ambiance in your home by focusing on the kitchen, the place where loved ones are most likely to gather at this time of year, for everything from family dinners to football snacks and sweet baked goods.

So—how do you get your kitchen ready for fall? Scents surely do the trick! Whatever’s in the oven is sure to entice the whole family to gather around—but even if you’re not cooking a meal, you can use your stovetop to create a do-it-yourself potpourri of sorts. Simply simmer, in water, a combination of fall ingredients you already have on hand—orange rinds, apple peels, cinnamon, nutmeg and other go-tos—and relax as the gentle, natural fall aroma wafts from the kitchen through the home.

Incorporating the outdoors

Here in Florida, we’re fortunate to enjoy the gentle breezes of fall without needing much more than a sweater! To take advantage of the great weather ahead, consider opening your screened-in windows and sliding glass doors for a touch of that brisk, seasonal air. It’s fresh, crisp and undeniably soothing.

We hope that these tips help you add a sense of seasonal warmth to your home this fall. Of course, should you find yourself craving the flavors of fall, be sure to stop by Peach Valley! With everything from Orchard Fresh Apple Fritters to wholesome, hearty Oatmeal, the hidden key to a satisfying season might just be at the brunch table.

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