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Food and Flowers: What Makes a Great Pairing?

Thu, Aug 09, 2018 at 9:55AM

Food and Flowers: What Makes a Great Pairing?

The key to achieving the perfect summertime spread? Great food, better company… and vibrant floral touches that wash it all in a gorgeous medley of color and aroma.

Beautiful bouquets can truly transform the table, whether you’re hosting a catered birthday party or simply enjoying a leisurely brunch at home—and just like food and wine, there’s a perfect pairing for every meal.

Read on as we explore some of the stylish, delicious ways to deck out your table this summer.

Consider color

When it comes to using flowers at the table, one of the first considerations is, naturally, color. You want to create a space that’s as beautiful as the food is delicious—after all, the right backdrop can make your meal taste even better!

When considering color, one fun option is to select floral hues that match the look of your food and drinks—for example, roses and gorgeous, pink-magenta azaleas will add a colorful flourish to any meal, especially one that features berries or a delicious sangria. When peach tea or a bubbly Bellini is on the menu, or maybe a crumbly peach cobbler, try a few bouquets of exquisite peach dahlias for a wash of gorgeous, gentle color. These little touches add a picturesque touch to any meal—showing that you went that extra mile for a colorful, welcoming effect your guests are sure to love.

An aromatic effect

Another big consideration is the natural scents of the flowers, and the food you’re pairing them with. Floral aromas are gentle enough that virtually any bouquet can work next to your meal—but selecting picks whose scents match the flavor notes of your food, your experience can be extra enjoyable.

Renowned British chef Heston Blumenthal is particularly interested in the art of multisensory dining—pairing the taste of food with the scent of one’s surroundings for an unforgettable meal. A few interesting pairings his work has inspired include carrots with violet and mangos with violet, apple with lavender, citrus with cloves… and many more.

It’s a never-ending art, one that is far from perfected, but the key takeaway is to be mindful of the flowers you’re using at the table. Get used to smelling them and look out for similar scents that arise as you cook or eat your meal—if you know watermelon tastes good with mint, for example, why not add some mint plants to your outdoor dining space for a similar effect? No matter how you do it, you might just find a perfect link between food and flowers that makes your flavors really sing.

Get whimsical

Looking for a fun, whimsical way to breathe new life into your meal? Opt for arrangements outside of the mainstream. A quick search online reveals that “broccoli bouquets,” broccoli bunches interspersed with traditional flowers, are an up-and-coming trend worth trying out at your next dinner party. You can also find fun ways to display your flowers—instead of big bouquets that crowd the table, for example, you can put smaller selections into mason jars for a charming, tidy effect.

Planning a party of your own? Dress up your space with gorgeous floral arrangements that pair well with a wide variety of Peach Valley picks—just contact us for catering options today!

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