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Foodie Family Fun at Home

Mon, Jun 29, 2020 at 5:22PM

Foodie Family Fun at Home

As we all spend some more time at home, we know that many families and friends are looking for ways to connect and add some spice to their routine—and what better way to connect than over delicious food? Read on as we share a few fun activities foodies can enjoy right at home!

Grow a garden

When life is unpredictable, there’s nothing quite like growing your own garden—and tending to it to produce the freshest possible flavors! This rewarding pastime is easy to enjoy with loved ones, whether you and your family work on cultivating herbs and veggies together, or you connect with friends virtually as you share reports on your respective plants’ progress. Either way, deliciously fresh and aromatic basil, tomatoes, cilantro, mint and other cooking staples await!

Learn a new recipe

Another great way to come together over good food? Learn a new recipe together! Many families and friends have embarked upon baking projects over the last several months, and it’s easy to see why—this methodical yet creative (and delicious) pastime is simple to get started, with endless opportunities of sweet pastries, savory pies and everything in between to enjoy. Follow a favorite family recipe, or try to replicate a go-to dish you know and love.

Have a family fun day (plus a delicious backyard picnic)

Of course, when you’re craving something delicious minus the mess, Peach Valley is here to help! Throw a family fun day or delicious backyard picnic featuring favorites like our Chicken & Waffles, Orchard Fresh Apple Fritters and more. You can play music on an outdoor speaker and splash around in the pool or sprinkler to cool off on a warm day.

We’re also here to help make every moment this summer a little sweeter—from movie marathons at home, to “just-because” brunches on the patio! Now more than ever, good food can be the spice your life needs to feel fresh, fun and exciting even from the comfort of home.

Switch up your routine

Speaking of spice…

There’s never been a better time to switch up your routine in the pursuit of family fun. Now that the kids are taking a break from school for the summer, turning normal weekdays into fun family moments—like arts and crafts sessions, or surprising your child with their favorite Peach Valley Pancakes on a Tuesday morning just because—can mean everything!

Get Fido involved with the fun

Your four-legged friend might be a foodie at heart, too! (Aren’t all pups?) Have some fun creating pup-friendly treats in your own kitchen, such as peanut butter oat bars, bacon-scented snacks and more.

Enjoy a delicious theme meal

Every now and then, it’s fun to turn an everyday meal into a special event! Why not throw a delicious theme meal for your family members? Whether it’s “dessert for breakfast” or menu picks inspired by locations across the country, these ideas can be fun ways to take your just-because meal to the next level.

If you’ve got a passion for food, we hope that these activities help inspire fun and creativity at home. As always, Peach Valley is here to provide the fuel and flavors for every great culinary adventure. Dine in or order online today!

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